multi tools – Gerber Multi-Plier 600, 2017

If you have some heavy-duty tasks to complete – driving, prying, snipping – this is a great choice of multi-tool. The Gerber Multi-Plier 600 Bluntnose Stainless weighs in at 9 oz with 14 tools and an easy, one-handed opening feature with a single snap of the wrist, which becomes easier with practice.

Those who often employ this Gerber multi-tool for cutting metal will appreciate the replaceable wire cutting inserts, which means longer time before needed a sharpening or replacement. This multi-tool is better suited for manipulating metal with its tungsten carbine cutting surface than for cutting rope, carving or sawing. Testers noted the file, slotted drive head and can opener to be solid elements to its overall value.

Tester Comments: “Fighting off the Transformers? Escaping from a sinking submarine? Repairing anything made of aluminum, steel or alloy? Employ the carbide cutters and reliable jaw teeth to grip-it-and-rip-it, friends. The look of this tool inspires confidence, but don’t raise the bar on performance with wood. Call it a dedicated metal-muncher, and you’re in business. And out of trouble anywhere.”

Key Attribute: Durability

Best For: Use with metal, such as repairs, wiring and medium-duty tasks at home and in the field – less so than in the backcountry.

Trial Results

online tech support – iYogi 2017

iYogi is an all-inclusive technical support service for consumers and small businesses. Although it is headquartered in India, iYogi has a growing global presence, providing services in the U.S. and several other countries. The company earns our approval because it is essentially a one-stop shop for all your technical support needs; the company supports a vast array of devices and is well equipped to handle all manner of tech issues, from browser security to virus removal.

Tech Services

With iYogi, you can opt for a monthly or annual subscription that provides unlimited tech support for your computer and its peripherals, or you can pay per issue. Whichever you choose, iYogi provides technical support across a vast array of computing and communications devices and software. We were impressed to find that iYogi provides all of the tech services we look for in such companies. Beyond diagnostics, iYogi can assist you with home network setup, software and OS installation, data backup and virus removal. The company is also experienced with Microsoft and Windows support, so if you are in need of PC service or repairs, iYogi can be of assistance. It also provides onsite home theater support, and is one of just three services we reviewed that do so.

In conjunction with its breadth of tech services, iYogi also boasts extensive device support. The remote support service can help you with any issue pertaining to PCs or Mac computers, as well as any peripherals, including tablets, MP3 players and printers. iYogi even provides support for televisions. This service is becoming increasingly more common among tech services as many people adopt “smart” TVs that are internet-connected and app-compatible. If you use some kind of digital device, chances are good that iYogi provides tech support for it.

iYogi has most of the service features we look for in online tech support services. A few of the more essential of these include a money-back guarantee for services rendered and a secure, encrypted connection that enables a technician to remotely log into your computer. iYogi also provides multi-language support (in English and French) and a free price quote for one-time fixes. This information is important to know upfront before a tech begins the work.

A few things this technical support service does not offer include tech profiles and U.S.-based support. Tech profiles are not essential, but they can provide valuable information regarding a technician’s background and areas of expertise, which can provide hesitant customers with peace of mind. The lack of U.S.-based support is likely to be more of an issue for some customers. iYogi’s remote support is located in India. This isn’t inherently bad, but at times, it might result in a language barrier between customers and technicians. We contacted the company several times, and over the phone, we struggled to understand some of the techs. Likewise, on chat, it was clear that the techs we spoke with were not native English speakers, and a few had trouble clearly understanding our questions. This wasn’t the case with all of our communications with the company; it seemed to depend on the particular tech assigned to us.

Despite the slight language barrier you might encounter, iYogi delivers good customer support overall. Each tech we spoke to was friendly, eager to help and direct in answering our questions (even though we had to clarify and reword a few). Surprisingly, we didn’t experience any hard-sell tactics with the agents we spoke to; most answered our questions directly, without the pushiness and evasiveness that we found is typical of other remote support services. Also, we experienced very little downtime waiting to be connected with a remote technician, with hold times averaging less than a minute.

Devices & Peripherals

Remote support is the focus of iYogi, but the company also provides onsite tech support throughout the U.S., primarily for PC repair, home theater setup and any other issue that a remote tech cannot adequately fix. iYogi’s network of onsite technicians is comprised of more than 1,000 third-party techs who have been vetted by iYogi. The service is available in most metro areas of the country. Obviously, iYogi does not offer in-store support, though we imagine most people will find remote and onsite services to be far more convenient.

Your experience with iYogi is likely to hinge on the specific technician assisting you, as some are more comprehensible than others are. But beyond any potential language barrier, iYogi provides comprehensive tech support for a wide array of devices. Its notably short hold times ensure quicker service and issue resolution than most of its competitors.

Service Features

Support Options


radio controlled toys – eBay

eBay is a great website to browse through when looking for RC Toys. While not strictly a retailer, eBay is my approval winning radio controlled toy store because you can find almost anything that you are looking for including hard to find and rare items. Another reason to use eBay when looking for RC toys is you can name your own price on the auction style website, so you never end up paying more than you’re comfortable with.

RC Toy Selection

Standout Features

eBay has the largest selection of RC toys anywhere on the internet, but the site does have one notable disadvantage. The main problem with eBay is that the selection is always changing; you never know what will be offered from one day to the next. Despite this minor drawback, eBay should be a first stop for any shopper because there’s always the possibility of a remarkable deal.

eBay is a leader when it comes to used RC toys. eBay allows private users and businesses to auction off toys on their website, which accounts for the site’s sheer volume. Offering both new and used RC toys ensures that you can find what you are looking for, even if it is a rare or hard to find item. The conditions of the toys vary greatly, so you want to be on the lookout before placing your bid.

eBay???s customer service leaves a lot to be desired, but they still strive to make their customers happy. If you need to contact eBay???s customer service due to any problems or questions, they do provide email and phone support. The one method that they do not offer is a live chat option.

Because eBay is an auction site, refunds, warranties and other support is the responsibility not of eBay, but of individual sellers. Everything about eBay is handled online and because their product lineup changes constantly, there is no way for them to print a catalog or even offer specials or discounts.

Customer Service

Allowing buyer and seller feedback based on their experience takes the uncertainty out of doing business with individuals or unknown vendors. Getting to read feedback left by actual people will give you an idea of what to expect from a given seller. By reading other users’ comments, you can generally determine the policies and reliability of any seller.

Another great thing about eBay is how easy the website is to use, you don???t even have to be a member of the website to view active auctions. The only time you have to create an account for eBay is if you want to bid on any of the auctions or if you want to become a seller.

eBay is a very user-friendly website. The advanced search options available make it easy to find specific items. After you receive results from your main search filters on the left hand side of the screen narrow down the search according to price, category and auction time remaining.

Each seller is responsible for including information about his or her return policy, if one exists. That is the one drawback to using eBay. If you have a conflict over payment, the condition of a purchased item or shipping, you have no recourse to a customer service department. Look for the return policy under a seller’s profile or in an item description.

eBay???s preferred method of payment is PayPal; you also get certain perks from using PayPal to process eBay transactions such as a guarantee on your product. This security is nice because if your product is lost in the mail or the seller does not ship your product, PayPal will reimburse your payment.

Each seller on eBay is allowed to designate which payment options are available–some sellers allow you to pay by credit card, others accept checks or money orders and most accept PayPal. If you make routine purchases on eBay it is certainly worth the effort to set up a PayPal account.

Ease of Use

While eBay is not a dedicated RC toy website, the number of new, used, rare and collectible RC toys is staggering. Despite the inherent unpredictability of an online community, eBay is one of the best places on the internet to find a good price on an RC toy. We can comfortably recommend the site to our readers.

Payment and Shipping


presentation software – Presentation

If you want to create a no-nonsense, straightforward slideshow, Presentation, which is a part of the Ability Office Home suite, may be the application for you. This presentation software offers all the basics, but little else. Its relative ease of use and strong file compatibility make it a solid choice for basic slideshows.


The first thing you should know about Presentation is that it is not a multimedia application. You can’t add video or audio files to your presentation, but you can add photos, text and informational data charts, including the more than 40 two-dimensional and three-dimensional options. You can also add any of the over 100 cookie-cutter shapes, which include the standard action buttons.

The word art graphics tool lets you add text on a path or warp text into graphic shapes, and you can also wrap text around objects in your slide. Object effects are limited to drop shadows and outline or fill adjustments, and there are no editing options for photos in this slideshow maker.

When it comes to laying out your slides, there are no real slide theme templates; rather, there are a dozen or so color schemes that act as themes, and you can customize and save these themes as needed, adding them to what’s available. And it’s more than just colors; you can also add background photos, gradients or textures to these themes. You create gradients individually, but there are more than 60 textures available.

Once you’ve decided on a color scheme, there are 20 master slides to choose from, as well as nearly 30 slide transitions. There are no object animations, nor are there 3D effects or a number of other features we found in other slideshow makers. Conspicuously missing are the ability to organize slides into groups, protect your files with a password, rehearse presentation timings and even set up slides to progress on a certain time schedule.

There are a few word processing tools in this presentation software, such as the thesaurus and spelling checker, but there is no grammar checker or dictionary. Organizational tools include the grid and guides with snap-to functionality. And you can organize objects easily, thanks to the layers functionality and the ability to group multiple objects together, so you can size and move them all around as one object.


Ability Office Home’s Presentation has the ability to save slides as any of the most common image formats, including RAW and PICT files, which are options we found in few other slideshow makers. There is no native software file format for this application; instead, the default save setting is as a PowerPoint file, which we found to be incredibly convenient. And while you can’t save slideshows as movie files, you can save them as PDFs or in the web-ready HTML format.

Navigating this slideshow software is simple and intuitive enough, though there is no drag-and-drop functionality. And we found that it force closed more than once as we were scrolling through and previewing the slide transitions. Unfortunately, the auto-save or auto-recovery functions found in some other office suites is not present here, so our work was lost. When we returned to the transitions list and scrolled through it more slowly, we were able to avoid crashing the software.

Unfortunately, Presentation does not have a strong help and support system for its customers. There is a help menu and a user manual, though the latter mostly repeats information from the help menu and includes info on all of the office suite programs, meaning there’s more information to sort through to find your answer. The online written tutorials are basic at best, and are mainly how-to guides for installing and registering this presentation software and its suite. There are FAQs available online, and contacting the support staff via the online form will get you a timely response.

While Presentation ’s feature set is basic compared to that of its peers, it is still more than enough to create a lovely photo or informational slideshow. And its file compatibility is certainly up to par with the rest of the bunch. However, you may find it frustrating to work with Ability Office Home if you require extensive help options in the support department, or if you work at a fast pace that may cause certain applications to crash.

Ease of Use

Help & Support


partition manager software – Paragon Hard Disk Manager 2017

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following review is based on Paragon Hard Disk Manager 14. Paragon has since announced the release of Hard Disk Manager 15, which will be evaluated with the scheduled update of this site.; Take control of your hard drives. Using Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite, you can manipulate and control every aspect of your hard disks, including partitions, virtual environments, backup strategies, data security wipes and operating system migrations. This all-in-one suite is packed with useful utility tools, and its simplicity and functionality earn it our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award for the best partition management software.


Partition-management tools are useful on their own, but this suite includes a whole collection of basic utility tools in one software package. It includes an excellent partitions manager, but it can also be used to migrate data to a new hard drive, to back up data to other drives or an online storage service, to migrate a physical system to a virtual environment and to completely erase data from a hard drive that you want to sell. The software can also take apart and alter pre-set factory-configured partitions.

This partition manager is compatible with all Windows operating systems, including 32- and 64-bit Windows 7PCs, and it can work with numerous HDD interfaces including SATA, SCSI, SSSD, IEEE and USB 3.0. Paragon also supports all common system file types, such as all versions of NTFS, FAT, Linux and HFS+. This highly compatible software supports four types of virtual machines and most removable media formats, including DVDs and Blu-ray Discs.

Partitioning allows you to create several storage units on the hard drive for your data and documents. Using the creation or deletion wizards, this partition management software allows you to easily create and delete partitions on your hard drive by following a few simple steps. When creating a partition, you have the option to rename the partition and give it a specific drive letter such as E or F. After you create multiple partitions, you can merge two adjacent partitions into one using Paragon Hard Disk Manager. Using the merge partitions wizard, you simply click the mouse, specify the changes you want made, and this software takes you through the steps with no hassles. And once the changes have been specified, you can review and accept the changes to ensure your hard disk is exactly how you want it.

This partition manager software includes the option to resize your partitions. By simply moving a node, you specify the amount of space you want each partition to contain. If there is a chance of data loss when creating, deleting or resizing certain partitions, Paragon Hard Disk Manager will alert you before you begin a task.

This partition manager software offers several options for backing up, recovering and restoring your files and data. Smart backup is the main backup feature this software uses which allows you to save all your data and information quickly and efficiently. When opening the smart backup wizard, you can decide the exact files or partitions you want to back up. A list of options for backup is available to you such as disks or partitions, emails, media files, documents or other select files. Once again, the smart backup wizard completes the process for you; you just make a few clicks of the mouse.

Data Backup & Restore

If you want to regularly back up your information, Paragon Hard Disk Manager gives you the option of scheduling automatic backups. You can decide when the backup will occur, whether it is during a specific hour in the day or when you first log onto or off the computer.

One advantage we found to using Paragon Hard Disk Manager is the vast amount of features this software provides. You can clone a partition through the copying and migration menu. Using this menu, you can copy a partition or you can send all your information to a new hard disk. Through this migration feature available on this partition manager software, you also have the option to transfer your operating system to another hard drive. You can do this by using the Migrating OS wizard. The wizard lets you know exactly the amount of space you will be using to copy the operating system and other files, along with the amount of free space that will be available after you copy the files.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager lets you manage the operating systems from another computer using the P2P Adjust OS wizard. You simply plug the hard disk from another computer into your current PC and the wizard walks you through the process to adjust the new hard disk to be the same as the one on your current computer. The boot manager feature is also available to help you manage several operating systems on your hard disk.

This partition manager software offers total defragmentation of your hard drive. Defragmentation arranges your files to increase speed and space on the hard drive. Paragon Hard Disk Manager gives you the option to not only defrag the entire hard drive, but also specific partitions. Using this feature, you can also analyze the hard drive. And if need help to defragment your computer and fully optimize your hard drive, you can take advantage of the help feature that guides you through the various resources for speeding up your system.

In case your hard drive gets infected by immovable malware, or in the more likely event that you want to sell your computer or just throw out your old hard drive, you can clear all information that may be stored on your hard drive using the wipe feature available on this partition manager software. This feature provides a complete wipe of all partitions, hard disks and available free space. Wiping your hard disk is ideal if you want to get rid of your hard drive and don’t want anyone to be able to recover your information.

Whether you are new to partition manager software or have used similar programs before, Paragon Hard Disk Manager is the easiest program to use. The main menu offers specific categories so you can find the exact feature you are looking for. To perform each of the functions, a wizard takes you through the step-by-step process and lets you complete the function without any hassle and with nothing more than a few clicks of your mouse. This partition manager software is user-friendly and ensures you don’t perform any tasks on your hard drive without knowing it. Using this partition manager software is so easy because it’s very well organized; the features are intuitively laid out so everything is where you’d expect to find it.


Paragon Hard Disk Manager offers customers email and telephone support for any questions or problems that may arise. They also offer online chat capabilities to answer any urgent questions you may have. We found that they were easily accessible and were quick to answer any inquiry we sent their way.

On their website, they offer a FAQs section to answer the questions customer service most frequently receives. Several of these questions are regarding software updates, purchasing their products, and account information. Their website also includes a user forum that allows you to communicate with other customers to discuss this partition manager software or see what others are saying about the product. One of the largest drawbacks to this partition manager software is any technical help or support is free for the first 30 days, but after the 30 days are complete they will charge you for any technical help.

Ease of Use

Using Paragon Hard Disk Manager, you can easily control every aspect of your hard drives and connected drives. It is an excellent tool for preparing drives to sell and to clean up repurposed drives. It can also manage all partitions, including those located in virtual environments. This suite includes useful tools for managing your data backup scenarios and works with all common file types – even Apple file types. Hard Disk Manager can recover Apple computers after a Boot Camp crash. Anything that you want to do to a hard drive you can do with this utility software. There’s no need to call on an IT specialist; when you use Paragon you are the IT specialist.

Technical Help & Support


online coupon service – FlamingoWorld 2017

FlamingoWorld, a quirky name for an online coupon service, provides a few great features, exclusive coupons and interesting category selections that will help you save money on the items you want.


This coupon website provides coupons for most national stores such as Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Avon, FYE, Gap and thousands more.

Coupon categories include

Beyond coupon codes, FlamingoWorld also offers grocery coupons for

You cannot clip and print any of the coupons directly from the site, which is a tad inconvenient, but the coupon service does link you to where you can find and print the actual coupon ??? sites such as, RedPlum, Coupon Network, etc. The majority of the beauty and cosmetics links, however, just take you to the site, not to a specific coupon or deal, which is undesirable.

The coupon website defines grocery coupons and printable coupons differently, so they are different sections. The printable coupons include some of the coupons found in the grocery coupon section, but as grocery coupons are organized by category, printable coupons are organized by merchant in alphabetical order. Unlike grocery coupons, you are able to share printable coupons via Twitter, Facebook and email. If you have an account with the online coupon service, you can also save your coupons and access them later.

We feel the biggest feature of this online coupon service is how the site is organized. The two main categories are Extra Savings and Shopping Categories. The Extra Savings section includes everything from Expiring to Free shipping, Weekly Ads and Buying Guides. You can view deals by merchant or just use the search bar to hunt down deals by brand, category, keyword or percentage off.

We recommend that you also check out Exclusive Coupons page, which features savings that you supposedly can’t find anywhere else.

The site also has some obscure coupon searching tools such as clearance deals, today-only deals and rebates.

The Weekly Ads feature, found in the Extra Savings category, could be one of the best tools if it actually worked, as we are sure FlamingoWorld intended. The online coupon service has a list of merchants to choose from. You are supposed to be able to click on the store’s name and go to their site to view the weekly ads. Many of the links, however, do not work correctly and will take you to the wrong website or an expired page.

The site does have a blog, which is always useful in finding money-saving tips. When we researched this coupon service, however, FlamingoWorld had not updated its blog in months, which is disappointing.

As mentioned, this online coupon service is segmented into many different categories, which can be taxing to sort through. If you find yourself losing patience sifting through each of these, we suggest just using the search bar. This will save you time and spare you headaches.

Because the coupon service doesn’t actually allow you to print any coupons directly from their site, as all of them are borrowed from other coupon websites, it can be difficult going from one window to the next trying to find your coupon.

You can contact customer support by filling out an online form. The online coupon service does have a FAQs section with a few frequently asked questions and answers. Beyond these two simple forms of support, there are no interactive forums, tutorials or any other options, which is disappointing.

Although this coupon service does offer an interesting array of features and a great selection of stores and deals, we did find all of the options overwhelming and resorted to using the search bar most of the time. We are disappointed in the lack of help and support options and wish the Weekly Ads feature produced more accurate results.

personal blenders – Oster Personal Blender 2017 – Top Tens

The Oster BLSTPB-WBL personal blender comes with one mixing container and a pressure system for power. The unit does not offer advanced controls for speed or any extra blades. It creates smoothies and drinks in individual serving sizes.

The personal blender comes with a 20-ounce container. This mixing container can be used as a drinking bottle, but it is the only one that comes with the set. When you complete one drink, you can take it off the base of the single serving blender and install a twist-on cap so you can bring it with you. The unit does not include any extra options for larger or smaller quantities. If you want to create a larger portion of soup to share with guests, you would need to pour out the contents of the mixing container before blending more ingredients.

The Oster personal blender does not come with any buttons on the front of the device. To start the blades, the mixing container presses onto the base. This pulsing system controls the amount of time the blades spin, but it does not affect their speed. This personal blender only allows for one speed, and the 250-watt motor drives the blades. This contributes a moderate amount of power and should give enough force to crush ice and some frozen fruits.

Because the mixing container comes in only one size, this personal blender does not afford any extra room for larger recipes. You can use the blade to grind most common components for smoothies, but the unit may not perform as well for nuts and dried spices. The personal blender set does not include any specialized lids either. The bottle comes with a single lid, so you can secure the contents for storage.

The motor inside the base of the personal blender can overheat, but the manufacturer created a way to fix the device when that happens. You can reset the included fuse when the motor overheats. This works the same way as fuses in your home. You can reset the fuse inside the single serving blender after it cools down and continue to use the motor the same way as before.

The unit measures slightly lower than 15 inches tall, and it features a narrow body that takes up little room on the countertop. This personal blender requires a power connection to function, and it does not work with batteries. The simple design does not come with switches or buttons on the sides. You can choose from a number of accent colors.

Because of the basic design, the Oster BLSTPB-WBL creates smoothies and drinks in single servings. This blender does not offer speed or size adjustment dials, and it may overheat from time to time. The unit’s fuse can be reset, and the personal blender comes with a single 20-ounce bottle for mixing and storage.

online candy stores – Candy Warehouse

On their homepage, Candy Warehouse exclaims that they are America’s favorite online candy store! This online candy store offers a wide variety of candy, such as bulk candy, retro candy, or themed candies for weddings or Easter events.

Product Selection

Candy Warehouse offers a large selection of unique, hard-to-find candy. You’ll find such sweet categories as candy bars and checkout stand candy, wax candy and Asian candy. Much of the candy sold at this online candy store is listed in large quantities, such as a 12CT to 24CT box.

At Candy Warehouse, the ???Candy Elves??? provide excellent customer service. The site is friendly and easy-to-use. From the home page you can search for candy by color, size, flavor, category, theme, brand and more. Also check out the Most Popular Candy Searches for a list of popular searches.

This online candy store lets you build Wish Lists. You can build a list of candy for a birthday or you can build a holiday Wish List to make shopping easier for friends and family. Candy Warehouse also provides a favorites list.

Candy Warehouse accepts the big name credit cards: American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. They also offer promotional discounts and eGift Card purchases.

Shipping costs from Candy Warehouse can be pricey. They describe it as follows on their site: Unfortunately, shipping costs are determined by weight and bulk candy has a high shipping-to-product-cost ratio. Here is an example ??? you purchase a diamond for $1,000 and the shipping cost will be say, $20 (2% of the price of the diamond); on the other hand, when you purchase $1,000 worth of candy, your shipping cost will more likely be $200 (20% of the price of the candy). Products such as jewelry, CDs, electronics, clothing, and flowers are light; therefore, their shipping costs will not represent a large percentage of their total order cost. Sweets, for better or for worse, outweigh the competition!

Ease of Use

Candy Warehouse offers expedited shipping in warm weather months but doesn???t provide ice packs to help candy last longer.

Returns to the Candy Warehouse must be made within 10 days of receipt of the order, as determined by UPS or FedEx tracking information. Returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee and Candy Warehouse does not refund the cost of shipping. No returns are accepted without prior approval.

Candy Warehouse offers good customer service. The customer service begins with a very extensive help page, which includes a lot of information on shipping, returns, payments, and much more. The contact page provides a local telephone number. It is surprising that a toll free phone number is not listed. This site does not offer live chat for immediate support.

Candy Warehouse does have a newsletter and Twitter account for customers.

While Candy Warehouse doesn???t offer some of the nicer customer service features, it does have a friendly, easy-to-use site and large selection of candy.

Additional Features

Payment & Shipping

Help & Support


oil heaters – Kenmore Oil Heater 2017 – Top Tens

The Kenmore Indoor Radiator-Style Heater is an oil-filled heater capable of heating rooms up to 150 square feet. It has three heat settings that are controlled through the thermostatic knob as well as built-in features for added safety and mobility. These features include an automatic shut-off to prevent overheating, caster wheels for increased mobility and a handle for carrying.

The oil-filled radiator has low, medium and high heat levels that you control with a rotary switch. A second knob acts as a thermostat. This allows you to adjust the temperature slightly, which is helpful if the preset levels are too warm or too cold. Ultimately, this design lets you achieve the temperature you find most comfortable for the space.

The maximum power that this oil heater is capable of reaching is 1350 watts. If the appliances detects it is nearing this temperature, it automatically turns itself off. This guards the device against potentially overheating. Not only does this protect the appliance, but also you and your home. Under optimal conditions, the device has a heating area of 150 square feet. This is an important parameter to consider, because you want to ensure the heater has enough power to heat the desired space.

This oil heater features seven fins, or columns, that transfer heat into the air. Their large surface area maximizes the amount of air that hits the warm steel fins. A little under a half-gallon of oil flows through the appliance. It is important to know that the radiator heater uses oil as a heat reservoir and does not actually consume any of the oil. That means you never have to add or change oil. If the oil-filled radiator gets knocked over, it automatically turns off.

In addition to its safety features, this oil heater has two aspects that help you with portability. Although the machine is made from heavy steel construction, four caster wheels allow you to roll it from room to room. The wheels swivel in all directions and lock into place once you’ve relocated the unit so it stays in place. If you have to bring it up or down a flight of stairs, there is a plastic handle on the side.

The oil heater measures 9.4 inches deep and 24.8 inches high. There is no assembly required. This unit is ready to plug in and use right out of the box. It is ETL certified, a designation that means an independent party has verified it complies with safety standards. Kenmore offers a limited warranty on their space heaters.

The Kenmore Indoor Radiator-Style Heater heats up to 150 square feet of space. Its seven steel fins transfer heat efficiently as two knobs control the heat level and temperature. This heater does not come with a timer, and it has a limited power wattage of 1350, but this unit also comes with multiple features for portability and safety, including Intertek’s ETL mark.

nursing care services – Right at Home, 2017

Right at Home offers in-home care and assistance with a combination of skilled nursing care services and living assistance. While Right at Home offers private-duty nursing care, it does not offer nursing care facilities, so you can’t opt to move into a residential facility if you need specialized care.

Fully skilled home nursing care services offer everything you need to receive hospice-level care in your home. Right at Home sends nurses directly to your home to help with everything from medication and medical equipment setup to full-time monitoring and basic care with full companionship and assisted-living options.

Companions allow you to get non-medical assistance from a trained caregiver who can help you with daily living essentials. With capabilities for helping you with dressing, grooming, bathing, eating and walking, you can get specialized support right at home. You can also get help with household chores such as cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping. This nursing care service can also help you with errands and driving to ensure you make doctors’ appointments. Assisted living services are available full time but do not include any live-in options, so you can’t get help at night unless there is an emergency.

Skilled nursing services include day-to-day care with medication setup and administration, machine monitoring, catheter care, ostomy and colostomy care, insulin injections and other daily medication administration. You can also get temporary care for wounds, infection or illness recovery to ensure that you can live at home while recovering.

Right at Home is a service primarily for seniors, as most of their services are aimed at helping those with geriatric conditions and medicine administration. Specific offerings for seniors include 24/7 monitoring to ensure safety in case of a fall. They also offer Alzheimer’s and dementia care.

This nursing service also provides companion and home care, including help with laundry, cooking and light housekeeping, so you or your loved one can continue to live independently. Right at Home training allows companions to offer assistance specifically for the elderly, including activities and programs intended to improve your stability, balance and fitness as well as help with small, everyday tasks that you may no longer be able to do on your own.

Right at Home provides skilled home nursing care services and companions for living assistance with 24,7 monitoring, but does not have facilities or live-in nurses.