partition manager software – Paragon Hard Disk Manager 2017

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following review is based on Paragon Hard Disk Manager 14. Paragon has since announced the release of Hard Disk Manager 15, which will be evaluated with the scheduled update of this site.; Take control of your hard drives. Using Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite, you can manipulate and control every aspect of your hard disks, including partitions, virtual environments, backup strategies, data security wipes and operating system migrations. This all-in-one suite is packed with useful utility tools, and its simplicity and functionality earn it our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award for the best partition management software.


Partition-management tools are useful on their own, but this suite includes a whole collection of basic utility tools in one software package. It includes an excellent partitions manager, but it can also be used to migrate data to a new hard drive, to back up data to other drives or an online storage service, to migrate a physical system to a virtual environment and to completely erase data from a hard drive that you want to sell. The software can also take apart and alter pre-set factory-configured partitions.

This partition manager is compatible with all Windows operating systems, including 32- and 64-bit Windows 7PCs, and it can work with numerous HDD interfaces including SATA, SCSI, SSSD, IEEE and USB 3.0. Paragon also supports all common system file types, such as all versions of NTFS, FAT, Linux and HFS+. This highly compatible software supports four types of virtual machines and most removable media formats, including DVDs and Blu-ray Discs.

Partitioning allows you to create several storage units on the hard drive for your data and documents. Using the creation or deletion wizards, this partition management software allows you to easily create and delete partitions on your hard drive by following a few simple steps. When creating a partition, you have the option to rename the partition and give it a specific drive letter such as E or F. After you create multiple partitions, you can merge two adjacent partitions into one using Paragon Hard Disk Manager. Using the merge partitions wizard, you simply click the mouse, specify the changes you want made, and this software takes you through the steps with no hassles. And once the changes have been specified, you can review and accept the changes to ensure your hard disk is exactly how you want it.

This partition manager software includes the option to resize your partitions. By simply moving a node, you specify the amount of space you want each partition to contain. If there is a chance of data loss when creating, deleting or resizing certain partitions, Paragon Hard Disk Manager will alert you before you begin a task.

This partition manager software offers several options for backing up, recovering and restoring your files and data. Smart backup is the main backup feature this software uses which allows you to save all your data and information quickly and efficiently. When opening the smart backup wizard, you can decide the exact files or partitions you want to back up. A list of options for backup is available to you such as disks or partitions, emails, media files, documents or other select files. Once again, the smart backup wizard completes the process for you; you just make a few clicks of the mouse.

Data Backup & Restore

If you want to regularly back up your information, Paragon Hard Disk Manager gives you the option of scheduling automatic backups. You can decide when the backup will occur, whether it is during a specific hour in the day or when you first log onto or off the computer.

One advantage we found to using Paragon Hard Disk Manager is the vast amount of features this software provides. You can clone a partition through the copying and migration menu. Using this menu, you can copy a partition or you can send all your information to a new hard disk. Through this migration feature available on this partition manager software, you also have the option to transfer your operating system to another hard drive. You can do this by using the Migrating OS wizard. The wizard lets you know exactly the amount of space you will be using to copy the operating system and other files, along with the amount of free space that will be available after you copy the files.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager lets you manage the operating systems from another computer using the P2P Adjust OS wizard. You simply plug the hard disk from another computer into your current PC and the wizard walks you through the process to adjust the new hard disk to be the same as the one on your current computer. The boot manager feature is also available to help you manage several operating systems on your hard disk.

This partition manager software offers total defragmentation of your hard drive. Defragmentation arranges your files to increase speed and space on the hard drive. Paragon Hard Disk Manager gives you the option to not only defrag the entire hard drive, but also specific partitions. Using this feature, you can also analyze the hard drive. And if need help to defragment your computer and fully optimize your hard drive, you can take advantage of the help feature that guides you through the various resources for speeding up your system.

In case your hard drive gets infected by immovable malware, or in the more likely event that you want to sell your computer or just throw out your old hard drive, you can clear all information that may be stored on your hard drive using the wipe feature available on this partition manager software. This feature provides a complete wipe of all partitions, hard disks and available free space. Wiping your hard disk is ideal if you want to get rid of your hard drive and don’t want anyone to be able to recover your information.

Whether you are new to partition manager software or have used similar programs before, Paragon Hard Disk Manager is the easiest program to use. The main menu offers specific categories so you can find the exact feature you are looking for. To perform each of the functions, a wizard takes you through the step-by-step process and lets you complete the function without any hassle and with nothing more than a few clicks of your mouse. This partition manager software is user-friendly and ensures you don’t perform any tasks on your hard drive without knowing it. Using this partition manager software is so easy because it’s very well organized; the features are intuitively laid out so everything is where you’d expect to find it.


Paragon Hard Disk Manager offers customers email and telephone support for any questions or problems that may arise. They also offer online chat capabilities to answer any urgent questions you may have. We found that they were easily accessible and were quick to answer any inquiry we sent their way.

On their website, they offer a FAQs section to answer the questions customer service most frequently receives. Several of these questions are regarding software updates, purchasing their products, and account information. Their website also includes a user forum that allows you to communicate with other customers to discuss this partition manager software or see what others are saying about the product. One of the largest drawbacks to this partition manager software is any technical help or support is free for the first 30 days, but after the 30 days are complete they will charge you for any technical help.

Ease of Use

Using Paragon Hard Disk Manager, you can easily control every aspect of your hard drives and connected drives. It is an excellent tool for preparing drives to sell and to clean up repurposed drives. It can also manage all partitions, including those located in virtual environments. This suite includes useful tools for managing your data backup scenarios and works with all common file types – even Apple file types. Hard Disk Manager can recover Apple computers after a Boot Camp crash. Anything that you want to do to a hard drive you can do with this utility software. There’s no need to call on an IT specialist; when you use Paragon you are the IT specialist.

Technical Help & Support