rolling walkers – Drive Deluxe 2-button, 2017

The Drive Medical Deluxe 2-Button Walker is a good compromise for someone who wants maximum insurance coverage for a mobility device but also wants the convenience of wheels. This rolling walker features two 5-inch plastic wheels and a folding design.

This medical walker folds to make storage easy, and its push-button design can help you fold in the sides, even if you have limited upper mobility. Buttons on the upper crossbar can be operated with the palms, fingers, thumbs or edges of the hands, letting those with arthritis and other joint or muscle issues fold the walker.

One notable benefit of this wheeled walker is its combination of stability and smooth movement resulting from the interaction of the front wheels and back gliders. The walker features an updated rear glide cap that helps it sweep over flat surfaces without catching, reducing awkward stops and helping you move more efficiently. On the front legs, the 5-inch casters are large enough to navigate small dips or cracks in flooring. The wheels are also removable, so you can replace them as needed after long-term use or substitute glide caps to use the walker without wheels.

This medical walker weighs about 7 pounds, making it a good choice if you need a basic mobility aid for getting around town. The lightweight frame should be easy for most people to lift in or out of vehicles or to use on light inclines. Despite the light frame, the walker supports up to 350 pounds when used properly, which is more than other comparable walkers. The adult walker adjusts between 32 and 39 inches high for a custom fit that helps improve comfort and safety; very short adults might want to opt for the junior version, which adjusts from 25 to 32.25 inches. Both versions are 24 inches wide.

Comfort is always a concern when purchasing a medical device that’s likely to see regular use. This rolling walker features contoured, vinyl hand grips designed to reduce hand fatigue during lengthy use. The grips also ensure a more stable grasp on the walker, reducing the chance that hands will slip off the upper bar while in motion.

The Drive Medical 2-Button Walker is a good choice for anyone with basic mobility assistance needs that are not met by a cane. The wheels add ease of movement, and this walker is considered a standard model, so it is covered under many insurance plans.