ringtone download – MTV Ringtones 2017

MTV is a trusted name for all things musical and we expected this to be the best ringtone site available. However, the ringtone download service is not the polished, well-oiled machine we were expecting from this well-known brand.


The MTV mobile website only lists about 100 “most popular” ringtones on the download page. After some searching, we did find MTV’s library of ringtones – which turned out to be quite impressive. However, it’s hidden well. We have no idea why MTV would make it so difficult to find. Suffice it to say, it’s easier to Google “MTV Ringtones” and follow the link to tones.mtv.com than it is to find the library through MTV’s mobile website. This is absolutely baffling.

When we found MTV’s entire mobile ringtone library, we were impressed by how comprehensive it is. We spent about an hour searching for all our favorite songs in ringtone form and were rarely disappointed. In fact, not only does MTV provide the best ringtones from all the popular songs of today and years gone by, there is also a huge library of less popular songs and artists.

While the relatively small selection of “most popular” ringtones featured on the MTV mobile site all have previews, selections in the more extensive library found at tones.mtv.com do not. From the previews we heard on the main site, we deduce that the songs in their library were of the same excellent quality as the latest ringtones featured on the main page.

In order to buy any ringtones, you must join MTV’s mobile download service, which will be billed directly to your wireless account. For a monthly fee, you get twenty credits that you can use to buy not just ringtones, but also graphics and other mobile content. While this method of billing is common among the best ringtone download services, it reminds us of tokens you get at a carwash or a video arcade. You usually end up leaving with a few tokens that you paid for but didn’t use.

We have mixed feelings about MTV’s ringtone download service. The ringtone library is among the most complete of any we reviewed. However, they’ve hidden it in such a way that it is frustrating, to say the least. Compound that with a flawed preview system and a less-desirable payment method, and you get a service that ranks much lower than we expected from a brand as well known as MTV.