resume builder – Easy Resume Creator Pro

Easy Resume Creator Pro by Sarm Software is a modern resume builder software that has the user in mind. It provides an easy way to create a professional looking resume in a snap. Unfortunately, it may not have all of the features you need to get it noticed.


This resume builder software is beautifully modern in design with clean lines, soothing colors and organized features. As soon as you open it, you know exactly what to do because the layout is so intuitive. Jump-starting your resume is as simple as filling out some forms with your pertinent information. The clever software organizes the information into a professional format that is full of style.

Choosing your layout isn’t an afterthought, either. Before you fill out any of your information, you choose whether you want a chronological, functional, combined or targeted style. If you don’t know what these terms mean, don’t worry. It explains each type in detail so that you choose exactly which is the right type for your situation. They are also customized to your experience level, from student to executive level. Everything is customizable, right down to the order your section headings are in.

Unlike many other resume builder software, Easy Resume Creator Pro also helps job hunters create cover letters, job acceptance letters, offer rejection letters and thank you letters.

Editing your documents is easy too, thanks to the resume builder software’s spell checker and action words tool. The action words tool helps you to fill your text with verbs and rid sentences of passive voice, which won’t impress potential employers. The one thing the editing feature does lack is a grammar checker. This can be a vitally important feature to someone who has less than stellar writing skills.

If you’re new to writing, it has plenty of sample letters and resumes to give you a good idea of what potential employers are looking for. This little extra education is vital for someone who has been out of the job market for a while. If this sounds like you, you’ll also appreciate that the resume builder software incorporates a job finding tool. This tool searches job sites for job listings targeted to your specifications. Regrettably, the tool doesn’t post your documents to the job sites for you like WinWay Resume Deluxe does.

It also doesn’t have an interview simulator, career planning tools, a salary calculator, keyword finder, automatic mistake finder, automatic phrase generator or a video resume creator. These tools can really give a job searcher an edge over the competition, so it’s a shame that this software doesn’t include these helpful features.

Another unfortunate shortcoming of this software is its total lack of customer support. The software’s website lacks a chat service, call center support, forums or a contact form. It does have an email address and an online information database, though, so maybe the confused customer will find the answers he/she needs. It would be much more reassuring to have a wide array of ways to contact customer service, though.

Easy Resume Creator Pro is a good resume builder software for someone that doesn’t need a lot of bells and whistles, just an easy to use, reliable product.