remote pc access software – Splashtop 2017

Splashtop remote PC access software offers fast connections and multiple levels of security. Accessing the remote computer is initially more confusing than with other higher-ranked remote access programs. However, after you install the software, the program is good for telecommuting and works with both Windows PCs and Macs.


Downloading Splashtop is straightforward. You don’t need an IP address to access the host computer. However, it gets tricky installing the application on the admin and viewer computers and enabling the admin computer. The client computer is the one you would be sitting at when telecommuting. Splashtop directs you to download both the streamer program and the client app. The streamer sits as an icon on your program tray, but the client app is the one that accesses the remote computer. It’s even more confusing if you are inviting someone to access your computer, such as for a demo or IT support. The email invitation directs the guest to the streamer, which enables you to manipulate the guest’s computer, rather than letting the guest work yours. Further, you’d need to give your client the password to your account. The installation process was more cumbersome than most of the other remote PC computer programs we reviewed.

This is one of the most security-conscious remote access programs we found. It employs 256-bit data encryption, which is well above the standard used by most financial institutions online. It allows you to lock the remote keyboard or blank the screen to keep prying eyes and curious fingers off your remote PC desktop while you work from home. This software also lets you remotely access your computer from a mobile device. We found the mobile interface as easy as the desktop program.

There are some drawbacks, however, with this remote PC access solution. It’s designed primarily to connect one computer to another rather than servicing a network of computers. As such, it doesn’t allow you to group computers together, making it ineffective for IT professionals.

The tool bar minimizes as a small arrow at the top of the screen, which can get lost in a busy screen. Once in, you can access any program on your remote PC and work it as smoothly as if you were sitting in front of your remote computer, even when using a graphics-heavy web-design program. We found that this program transfers files quickly and plays videos with minimal lag across all of its platforms. However, there are no drag-and-drop capabilities for transferring files from one computer to the other.

Splashtop has a couple of support options available, including a searchable knowledgebase, support tickets and telephone support. We found the company was quick to respond to our inquiries and usually helpful.

Overall, Splashtop is a good choice for telecommuters needing remote access to their computer at work or home. While installing a remote desktop connection is a bit confusing, the overall features are easy to use. Speed and security are its strongpoints, so if your work calls for these features, Splashtop is worth checking out.