registry cleaners software – Registry Cleaner Kit 2017

RegistryCleanerKit was developed by Uniblue Systems Limited to optimize your Windows computer’s overall performance. This means that it’s configured to operate effectively with all versions of Windows, including Windows 8. Like most windows registry cleaner brands, your purchase only includes a license for one computer.


In our testing, this registry scanner tool took 32 seconds and found 270 issues, which is comparable to the best registry cleaners scanning results. After finishing the scan, the software breaks the registry errors into three categories: System Related Errors, User Related Errors and Third Party Errors. In addition, the registry scan summary indicates the severity of the errors, which allows you to better see the overall health of the registry. To fix the issues, you can hit the fix button, which fixes all of the issues automatically, or you can fix each error individually.

RegistryCleanerKit doesn’t have a defragmentation tool, which is a common tool among the best registry tuner software. Fragmentation occurs with registry files over time, which leads to bloated registry databases that can slow down your computer’s performance. A defrag tool would consolidate these registry fragments and eliminate redundant data so your computer could better access the registry database. Even without the defrag tool, the combination of the software’s existing scanning, cleaning and repair tools increased our test computer’s performance by a respectable 0.58%.

One of the best features of RegistryCleanerKit is the automatic registry backup. This runs every time you repair any registry file in the database. This allows you to restore your registry if you make mistakes while using the repair tools. In addition, an undo feature allows you to reverse individual mistakes, which saves time that would have otherwise been lost to a complete registry restore. An ignore list option allows you to exclude sensitive files that could be harmed by the scan and repair process, though this feature should be used judiciously as malware can hide in unscanned files.

The only support that Uniblue offers for RegistryCleanerKit is an online email submission form and a FAQs page. Unfortunately, without phone or live chat support, you won’t receive support for any urgent technical issues, which is something you should expect with the top PC cleaners.

RegistryCleanerKit has one of the best registry scanners that gives you a detailed summary list of registry issues, which when paired with the repair tool can increase your computer’s overall performance. Despite the lack of a defrag tool, this product is able to help optimize the registry for your Windows operating system.