rc drones – Walkera Scout X4, 2017

The Walkera Scout X4 drone has an extremely impressive flight time of 25 minutes. This is twice as long as some other drones on the market. More time means more opportunities for beautiful aerial footage or still photographs. Longer flight times also mean more fun for you.


With a long battery life, you are going to want a long range too and this drone doesn’t disappoint. It has a range of 3,280 feet. The drone measures 13.19 x 13.19 x 6.89 inches. It weighs 3.9 pounds, which is the heaviest of the drones we reviewed. It comes in three different colors: pearl white, grey and carbon fiber.

This drone doesn’t include a stabilization gimbal or a camera. It does have the ability to hold a payload of 14.11 ounces, though. If you want to use the drone to shoot some stills or videos from the skies, you’ll have to purchase a camera separately. The drone does include retractable landing gear, which some other manufacturers sell separately.

Fortunately, this UAV does have a built-in GPS, so it has flight-planning, a return-to-home feature and automatic landing. It even has a Follow Me mode, where the drone uses the onboard GPS to hover near you. Also, if you experience a loss of signal, the drone will return to its starting position to land.

The drone is ready to fly and comes with a 22.2V 5400mAh LiPo battery, to which you can attribute to its long flight times. The base model of this personal drone does not include a transmitter or transmitter battery, which is a bit of a disappointment, especially since this drone is already more expensive than other models.

This RC drone does have a warranty, albeit a short one. You are covered for just one week after purchasing the drone. Some manufacturers offer a warranty for a month, others for just a week or even not at all. With a drone, you have a high risk of crashing or breaking a part, but accidental damage isn’t covered under Walkera’s warranty. However, if a part malfunctions or you need support, you can reach Walkera by phone or email. You also can download the instruction manual for this drone online.

The Walkera Scout X4 drone’s battery is its main selling point. It has a flight time up to 25 minutes, which is on par with the best drones on the market. However, this drone lacks a stabilization gimbal or camera. You still have the option to purchase them, but it will add to the cost of an already expensive drone.