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With a good variety of premium Photoshop brushes and important website features, Brush Lovers truly is a resource for those who love brushes. The website’s easy navigation and speedy technical support team lend to its usefulness. Although it falls a bit behind some of the best Photoshop brushes websites, Brush Lovers is a solid contender, particularly for those who want to pick and choose which brush sets to buy in bulk.

Website Features

With more than 100 premium brush sets, Brush Lovers certainly has the numbers to stand up to its competitors. Perhaps the website’s best feature is how it handles brush packs. Instead of being forced to buy pre-packaged brush collections, you can purchase credits that allow you to select 10, 20 or 40 individual sets at a bundled, discounted rate. Alternatively, you can purchase the VIP package to get one month of unlimited brush set downloads.

If you’re looking for free, lower-quality brush sets, there are more than 200 ??? but you can only download 10 per day. You can use the brushes royalty free for commercial or personal use, but you can’t alter them. If you want to flag a particular set, you can mark it as a Favorite, or assign it a rating for future reference. We loved the site’s “you may also like” feature, which displays brush sets similar to the one you are currently viewing on that set’s page.

Brush Lovers has accounts on social media sites Twitter and Facebook, but the company uses them to promote links to individual brush sets instead of interacting with its customers on a personal level. The website offers a newsletter which mainly includes info on new brushes, but it does not have a blog for at-a-glance updates.

We appreciated that Brush Lovers offers a comparatively equal number of brushes in each category as opposed to competing sites that focus too heavily on one category, offering dozens of floral sets, for example, while completely lacking categories like patterns or artistic sets.

However, Brush Lovers does lack several categories that we looked for. Most notably absent are Buildings, Arrows, Heraldry, Skulls, Tribal and Wings sets, along with a few other less-common categories.


The website does have a solid offering in other categories, with enough sets to please both professional and home users. Swirls are well represented, and the variety of holiday-themed sets is second to none. With everything from Halloween, Easter and Hanukkah to Christmas, Fourth of July and Birthdays, scrapbookers in particular will enjoy the selection.

There is also a comparatively large selection of geometric, fractal and radial designs, which can be used to create logos or other elements. The grunge brush selection is fantastic as well, with a dozen well-designed options. Patterns and textures are also well represented, with a similar number of grunge, floral and abstract patterns. We also liked the people-themed sets, which include silhouettes of folks on a beach, women, men, pedestrians and even a wedding party.

Other categories, though present, are a bit sparse. There is only one set for stain themes, one religious, three hearts, one fire, one Asian-influenced, one artistic and one with animal themes, which consists only of butterflies.

You can use Brush Lovers’ brush sets with any of the Photoshop creative suite versions, from CS to CS 5.5. However, the brushes are not compatible with earlier versions of the software such as Photoshop 7 or any prior to it.

The simple search-bar tool is functional and useful, but we particularly liked the options for sorting the search results. You can filter out the free sets to view only the premium products, or vice versa. Clicking the All Brushes tab in the main navigation bar will let you view specific categories of PS brushes one at a time. In addition, you can sort the sets themselves by Newest, Most Popular (determined by the number of downloads) or Highest Rated (by other users).

The overall design of the website is clean, effectively laid out and quite easy to navigate; although we wish it would allow us to preview individual pieces within sets on the main browsing page. As it is, you have to open a set’s details page to view the individual custom brushes within it. The details page includes “you might also like” suggestions and any user comments about the set.

Supported Versions

Brush Lovers offers solid help and support options, including an email form we used that has a phenomenal response time of just a few hours. There is also a list of FAQs and instructions for installing your Photoshop brushes after you buy them.

In all, Brush Lovers is an excellent option, particularly if you want to buy in bulk and still retain control over which Photoshop brushes you purchase. With an excellent support staff, your questions will never go unanswered. Just don’t look to the company’s social media presence for assistance; use the email contact form instead.

Ease of Use

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