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If you’re looking for a website with the largest variety of Photoshop brushes, look no further than Arsenal. With hundreds, maybe even thousands, of brushes available in dozens upon dozens of themes, designers of all skill levels should be able to find exactly what they’re looking for with this premium Photoshop brushes website. While search and sort options are a bit bare, the website has a number of useful and necessary features, and the support options are quite helpful. However, the truly spectacular selection is what led us to name Go Media’s Arsenal one of the best in the world.

Website Features

In all, there are more than 100 Photoshop brush packs ??? which are groups of similarly themed brushes ??? available for purchase. Each pack contains a varying number of brushes. Some packs have only six or seven brushes, while others can have as many as 60 or more.

If you want a little more bang for your buck, you can purchase one of 18 sets. Each set includes about 7 brush packs. For true value, you can purchase one or both of the collections. Collection One includes brush sets one through six, and Collection Two contains brush sets seven through 13. Currently, sets 14 through 18 are only available on their own.

You can check out previews of each brush pack on the pack’s info page, and you can often see larger images of individual brushes within each pack. Info pages for the sets include a single image for each included pack that displays thumbnails of the included brushes. Still not sure if you want to invest in the brushes just yet? Arsenal provides a free sampler of the brushes if you send out a tweet about the site to your Twitter followers.

Go Media has a Twitter page, as well as one on Facebook, for better customer interactions and news updates. The Go Media website also has a blog for another alternative to keep up with the company’s latest happenings.

Once you buy the brushes, you can use them for personal or commercial purposes, so home scrapbookers and professional designers alike will be able to utilize these tools. During our review, we noticed that all of the packs, sets and collections were on sale. The discounts were substantial, so if you’re still not sure if it’s worth the investment, wait around until the next sale before buying your Photoshop brushes.


Variety of selection is where Arsenal truly shines. The only category not covered is holiday or celebration-related Photoshop brushes. With this category being somewhat of a niche topic that’s only useful a few days or weeks out of the year, we hardly find this to be a significant drawback. The plethora of variety within each other category we reviewed more than makes up for this slight absence.

Several categories are particularly well represented. Abstract lines, scribbles and doodles have nearly a dozen options, including Type Explosions, Decorative 1 and 2, Linework 1 and 2, Flourishes and Sketchbook. There is also a strong selection of animals and other living creatures, with packs such as Zoology, Serpents, Primates, Bugs and Birds 1 and 2.

Perhaps the most impressive category, however, is the one we dubbed Other. A catchall of sorts, this category represents niche, hard-to-find Photoshop brushes. Arsenal truly lives up to its name here, as there is a brush pack available for almost any topic. Zombies, Mythology, Music, Varsity, DeeJay, the ’80s, Guts & Slime, Cute Stuff, Sexy, War, Western and Nautical are just a few of the three dozen brushes we categorized as Other. Need some blood drips for your horror movie marathon poster? There’s a pack for that. Creating a comic book and need some speech bubbles and superhero figures? There’s a pack for that too.

Other categories, although represented, are a bit thinner and offer fewer options. There’s only one Lightning brush pack in the light and smoke effects category, for example. People are somewhat underrepresented as well; there is a Photoshop brush pack with nearly 70 varied silhouettes and another with 20-odd business-suit silhouettes, but that’s about it. With two different anatomy packs and a hair pack for a total of nearly 100 anatomy brushes, there are plenty of options there.

We were also disappointed to see only one true floral pack with only 18 Photoshop brushes in it. Other websites that sell premium Photoshop brushes offer far more floral options; we found a site that has nearly 40 different floral brush packs. We also would have liked to see more radial brush packs, and even one fractal brush pack would have been appreciated. Likewise, more artistic-influenced packs would have rounded out the selection quite nicely.

Arsenal’s brushes will not work on early versions of Photoshop, such as Photoshop 7. They are, however, compatible with any Creative Suite version of the software, from Photoshop CS all the way up to the new Photoshop CS 5.5.

Supported Versions

This is the one area in which we felt Arsenal could really use some improvement. While the site is easy to navigate and the checkout process is smooth and secure, the search and sort options leave a bit to be desired. Currently, brush packs are sorted according to the sets they come in. You can’t sort the packs by name, style, category or popularity ??? just by the set with which they are associated.

Sorting by category or style is a particularly useful tool when you’re browsing through more than 100 brush packs. There is a simple search function, so if you’re looking for wings brush packs, for example you can just type “wings” into the search bar and sort through the relevant results. Browsing for a more abstract concept like “artistic brushes” proves to be a bit more difficult.

Ease of Use

We also noticed a few typos and discrepancies between some packs’ descriptions and the pictured brushes. For example, we noticed that one or two packs claim to have a certain number of brushes, but the picture of included brushes displays a different number. Also, we noticed that some packs ??? those included in sets 15 and 17 ??? are not available for individual sale. This seems like more of a fluke than an intentional restriction, since the packs included in the 16 other sets are all available for individual purchase.

Admittedly, help and support options are relatively scarce among all of the premium Photoshop brushes websites we reviewed. However, Go Media offers a comparatively solid support system with a few features that we found on no other site we reviewed.

You can contact technical support via email or an online form, although the response time is a little slower than we would like to see. There’s also a FAQs section, as well as links to external tutorials for those who prefer to find resources to help themselves. If all else fails, check out the live chat function in the top-right corner of the site’s homepage. Although it isn’t available 24 hours a day, it is quite the useful resource when it’s turned on.

If variety and a wealth of options are the most important aspects in your hunt for premium Photoshop brushes, then Go Media’s Arsenal is the site for you. Home scrapbookers, amateur designers, students, freelancers and professional designers can all find brushes to suit their varied and specific needs. Just be prepared to do a little searching, particularly if there’s a specific Photoshop brush you’re looking for.

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