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The Oster BLSTPB-WBL personal blender comes with one mixing container and a pressure system for power. The unit does not offer advanced controls for speed or any extra blades. It creates smoothies and drinks in individual serving sizes.

The personal blender comes with a 20-ounce container. This mixing container can be used as a drinking bottle, but it is the only one that comes with the set. When you complete one drink, you can take it off the base of the single serving blender and install a twist-on cap so you can bring it with you. The unit does not include any extra options for larger or smaller quantities. If you want to create a larger portion of soup to share with guests, you would need to pour out the contents of the mixing container before blending more ingredients.

The Oster personal blender does not come with any buttons on the front of the device. To start the blades, the mixing container presses onto the base. This pulsing system controls the amount of time the blades spin, but it does not affect their speed. This personal blender only allows for one speed, and the 250-watt motor drives the blades. This contributes a moderate amount of power and should give enough force to crush ice and some frozen fruits.

Because the mixing container comes in only one size, this personal blender does not afford any extra room for larger recipes. You can use the blade to grind most common components for smoothies, but the unit may not perform as well for nuts and dried spices. The personal blender set does not include any specialized lids either. The bottle comes with a single lid, so you can secure the contents for storage.

The motor inside the base of the personal blender can overheat, but the manufacturer created a way to fix the device when that happens. You can reset the included fuse when the motor overheats. This works the same way as fuses in your home. You can reset the fuse inside the single serving blender after it cools down and continue to use the motor the same way as before.

The unit measures slightly lower than 15 inches tall, and it features a narrow body that takes up little room on the countertop. This personal blender requires a power connection to function, and it does not work with batteries. The simple design does not come with switches or buttons on the sides. You can choose from a number of accent colors.

Because of the basic design, the Oster BLSTPB-WBL creates smoothies and drinks in single servings. This blender does not offer speed or size adjustment dials, and it may overheat from time to time. The unit’s fuse can be reset, and the personal blender comes with a single 20-ounce bottle for mixing and storage.