payday loan consolidation services – CuraDebt 2017

Editor’s Note: Some of the information in this review may be outdated. We will update that information when we next evaluate this site.


CuraDebt has been helping people get out of payday loan debt and similar financial situations since 1996, which is long-lived for a payday loan consolidation company. Its prices and offerings depend upon the state in which you live. And unfortunately, CuraDebt does not do business in Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, North Dakota, South Carolina, Vermont, Washington or Wisconsin. But if you live in one of the other 39 states of the union (or Washington, D.C.), this service may be of great use in solving your payday loan predicament.

When you sign up with CuraDebt, you will declare how much money you can afford to put toward your debts each month. Based on those numbers, the company can negotiate with your payday loan holders to get you a better interest rate and help you get your debts paid off in a few years. You can access your account at any time to see your progress as you start upon the road to being debt-free.

CuraDebt???s website is heavy with sales pressure, which can be intimidating. Before offering much information about the service, the site asks you to provide your personal information so that someone can contact you with a free estimate.

We would have liked to see more information from CuraDebt about credit counseling and ways for its clients and prospective clients to stay out of debt once they get there. But if all you need is someone to negotiate down your payday loans, this is a good outfit to consider. One thing the company???s website does offer is a message forum where you can ask questions. Many of the answers, like the website proper, are sales-heavy and promote payday loan settlement over the several other options out there. As always, we recommend that you look at the variety of options you may have to get rid of payday loan debt before making a decision. But if that decision has been made, this is a credible company from which to seek aid.

The quickest way to receive a response from the company is by approaching it via its social media profiles, such as on Facebook.

If you find yourself in a payday loan pickle, CuraDebt???s ability to negotiate down your payday loan debt could come in handy. In some situations, the company may be able to cut your debt in half and get it paid off more than twice as fast as doing it on your own.