online travel sites – AirGorilla, 2017

AirGorilla, like many other travel sites, is an air flight consolidator. Contracts with airlines give this online travel agency tickets for seats that would otherwise go unsold. From there, AirGorilla offers these seats at a discount. The site is one of the oldest online travel agencies, and thus it can offer discounts for more hotels and cruise lines than larger, better-known sites.


You can find flights, hotels and rental cars directly through AirGorilla. In addition to hotels, you can search for bed and breakfasts, youth hostels and vacation rentals. Reservations for conveniences like airport parking, GPS units and cell phone rentals for international travel are also available. If you’re looking for a more adventurous vacation, this travel website can connect you with other sites to book international rail tickets, excursions and safaris around the world.

After booking a flight, you can see your reservation confirmation on the Confirm Flights page. Prices and trip options update continuously. There???s a fare guarantee that refunds the difference in price if anyone else is able to book the same flight and class for a cheaper price within 30 days of your booking date.

AirGorilla does have some cosmetic issues. The homepage layout is easy enough to use, but it’s blocky and basic. Some links lead to simple HTML-based lists that may seem outdated or untrustworthy. For example, the youth hostel’s link is a dead end populated by a bulleted list and article rather than a search field. Some of the link titles don’t correspond with the page they lead to. For example, the Cancel, Confirm, and Change Flights links under the Help tab lead to the FAQs page. The more adventurous vacation options, like safaris, contain links that lead to other websites entirely. While this is common with many travel websites, transferring websites for reservations may make help and support tricky if you’re not sure which company to go to with your questions.

AirGorilla can provide you with all the reservations for a memorable and adventurous vacation. You can find access reservations for things like bed and breakfasts, safaris or airport parking spots, though you don’t book these items through AirGorilla directly. The site has an outdated look and some dead end links that may prove confusing, but you can still easily book the basics like airfare and hotels through this online travel site.