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TicketsNow is a great online ticketing service, offering a huge selection of theater and performance tickets. TicketsNow is a great source for theater tickets and offer additional features and a good value.


If you’re looking for a variety of ticket options from several different ticket brokers, TicketsNow is a great place to start. TicketsNow is part of the secondary ticketing market, connecting ticketholders to purchasers. Sellers include professional ticket brokers, season ticket holders and sellers who are otherwise unable to use the tickets they purchased. With the secondary market comes a greater selection of seating options, but often comes at the additional price of markups and service fees. If you’re looking for premium theater seats, TicketsNow is a great resource, and may be the best place to start your search for popular events, because often, Ticketmaster or the box office will sell out quickly.

TicketsNow doesn’t own the tickets you are buying, so pricing and availability are primarily determined by the market, meaning how many sellers list their tickets and how much they charge. While popular ticket prices are usually much higher than face value, TicketsNow has a huge selection and often has tickets available right up to the day of the event. And the service fee TicketsNow charges is 15 percent of the ticket listing price.

Shipping Fees start at $14.95 for FedEx standard delivery. Sellers who wish to list their own tickets are charged 15 percent of the price their tickets sell for.

TicketsNow has a variety of features and options. If you’re looking for a great gift idea for someone who loves live performances, you can get TicketsNow giftcards for $25, $50, $100, or $500, respectively.

TicketsNow doesn’t own tickets and they don’t buy tickets outright from individual sellers. TicketsNow does however allow members to sell their own tickets on the site in a variety of ways. The preferred broker of TicketsNow is Premium Inventory, who will often buy your tickets outright from you and then resell them. Premium Inventory typically pays 50-75 percent less than the retail price of the tickets. This is the surest way to unload your tickets, but if you want to chance selling the tickets yourself, you can list them on TicketsNow and only be charged a 15 percent consignment fee after the tickets sell. You’ll take the risk of the tickets not selling, but you’ll make more money if they do.

TicketsNow has a large selection of tickets, and they are efficiently organized into categories for easy access to the most popular events. Some of the most popular theater shows at the time we reviewed include the Broadway hits Wicked, Jersey Boys and The Lion King. is a professional website with simple navigation and easy to use features. You can search for a specific event by title, venue or city. You can even designate your location and easily browse the most popular events in your area.

Most venues have a seating chart available you can view to see where your tickets will be located.

After you have designated which event you are interested in, you can either view tickets available, or choose to sell your tickets for that event. If you’re looking to buy tickets, you will see a seating chart and the listing of all the available tickets. You can sort the listings by how many tickets you need, your price range, or even order the listings by section or row. For added security, you can view “at a glance” which sellers are TicketsNow recommended sellers.

Another nice feature that TicketsNow provides is a separate application that can be integrated into Yahoo!, iGoogle, Google Desktop, and Facebook. Frequent searchers can utilize the TicketsNow search easily and wherever they want to.

TicketsNow is a safe and secure place for you to obtain legitimate tickets from online ticket brokers. TicketsNow has a 100% guarantee for buyers and sellers. Buyers can be assured that the tickets they order are legitimate and sellers are guaranteed privacy and prompt payment.

TicketsNow is a member of the National Association of Ticket Brokers, and the TicketsNow webpage is verified secure by Trust-e, Verisign, Visa and MasterCard. Also, TicketsNow is certified by the Better Business Bureau.

TicketsNow has a complete lineup of help and support options. Users can talk to customer assistance over the phone or contact them through email. The TicketsNow FAQs section is thorough and useful.

One great help feature that TicketsNow offers that most other online ticketing sites don’t have is a live chat feature. Users can connect with live help quickly and get answers to questions easily from live support without ever leaving their computers.

TicketsNow is a great venue to sell and buy theater tickets online. Whether you’re looking for a premium seat for Wicked on Broadway or last-minute tickets to a sold-out ballet, TicketsNow is a great place to start looking.

For popular events and “sold-out” performances, the best place to start looking for premium tickets is TicketsNow. You can browse through a variety of ticket options and find the tickets that are right for you. TicketsNow makes the searching, buying, and even the selling process simple and straightforward.

TicketsNow is an independently operated Ticketmaster company. For tickets to less popular performances, we suggest you first check and see if Ticketmaster has tickets at face value available.