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GoTickets is another ticketing service definitely worth including in your standard ticket search tool belt. GoTickets has multiple ticket options, including most of the hottest Broadway shows and hard-to-get theater tickets.


GoTickets has changed its model over the years. It used to be one of the only theater tickets outlets not to charge service fees. This would mean a higher initial price, but with no fees it was still a pretty good bet. Now the GoTickets fees are over percent, at least for all the events we tested.

GoTickets is one of the theater ticket services we reviewed that allows users to print their own tickets after purchase. This service costs an additional $5, which is better than the standard $12.50 for shipping. This service is especially convenient if your event is coming up soon as otherwise, you would have to pay more for speedier shipping. The email and print yourself feature is even less expensive than the $10 will call fee!

GoTickets doesn???t allow individuals to sell or auction their tickets through There are also no gift card or gift certificate options available. But GoTickets does include a good selection of ticket packages and accompanying hotel packages.

GoTickets??? services are easy to use. The straightforward price approach is simple and makes for a much easier transaction. Finding the theater tickets you???re interested in is easy too. The GoTickets webpage allows users to search for events by the location, actual venue, or performance title. Another pleasant search feature is the GOcalendar, where you can designate a genre, city, and month and see what events are available in a calendar format.

Seating charts are incorporated in the browsing and checkout process, but can also be accessed from the front page without narrowing down to a specific event. The seating chart section also includes some interesting information and history about each venue, including the seating capacity of the venue, dimensions, and average attendance.; While the entire browsing, selection, and purchase processes are easy to navigate through, we found that the website was consistently slow to load pages. The process was straightforward and easy but suffered from a significantly noticeable lag in navigation speed.

GoTickets is secured through GeoTrust. GoTickets is also a member of the National Association of Ticket Brokers.

Because GoTickets only obtains tickets from reputable companies they have dealt with before rather than individuals, you can be more confident the tickets you are ordering are legitimate. GoTickets is a secure way to purchase premium theater tickets on the secondary market without worrying about the integrity of various brokers or individual sellers.; GoTickets features a useful help section with answers to frequently asked questions. They also provide contact information and an email address for further support. You can receive additional live help or even order your tickets over the phone at 1-800-775-1617.

GoTickets is a great place to search for and buy theater tickets. The service is convenient and simple. GoTickets??? prices are straightforward and competitive with other sites for comparable tickets. GoTickets is a clear-cut and uncomplicated theater ticket solution.