online sports tickets – TicketNetwork, 2017

TicketNetwork is an online ticket broker that sells sports tickets. It provides a secondary ticket market for the buying and selling of quality, cheap sports tickets. However, it lacks some conveniences that the best ticket sellers offer.


The website is well designed and provides categories for NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, PGA, ATP, NASCAR and WWE tickets. You can perform specialized ticket searches on the website for specific teams, events and locations, which is a useful feature for quickly finding out whether tickets are available when you want to attend an event.

A nice feature TicketNetwork uses is the interactive seating chart, which provides you with specific visual locations for the tickets you are purchasing. Whether you are going to a familiar arena or following your team on the road, when buying sports tickets, it is useful to see on the seating chart exactly where you will be sitting.

A perk of TicketNetwork is the ability it gives you to list your tickets for resale, and the low fees it has for both resale and buying the tickets in the first place. TicketNetwork has one of the lowest seller fees at 10 percent. Other websites we reviewed had much higher fees for tickets. This means you can get the tickets exposure on TicketNetwork without forfeiting a chance to make back the money you spent on them.

There is no return policy with TicketNetwork once you purchase the tickets, whether they are discount sports tickets or full price, unless the game is canceled, as all sales are final. The only way you can get back the cost of the tickets is to resell them on the site.

The site offers access to premium parking as an extra. Not all sport ticket websites provide this feature, and it’s a real bonus if you are traveling with your team or family and don’t know the best places to park around the stadium. However, TicketNetwork does not have a rewards program, which is a useful feature for frequent sports attendees and fans.

TicketNetwork provides a FAQs section on its website that offers insight into how to buy sports tickets and is well maintained. It is helpful for finding quick answers to questions. TicketNetwork also has phone and email support for its website, but it lacks live chat, which is a nice feature if you have quick questions while you are ordering your sports tickets.

TicketNetwork is a website that provides low selling fees, a good site design and access to tickets for all major sports leagues. The site lacks some of the extras found on premier sports ticket sites, like a rewards program and live chat. However, the site is still a good bet for finding cheap sports tickets.