online reputation management – Reputation Management Consultants 2017

Reputation Management Consultants is one of the most aggressive online reputation management companies we reviewed. It hosts a fleet of computers with hundreds of IP addresses to monitor trends and influence search engine rankings on behalf of clients. It has researched algorithms to help move your online assets to the first page of search engine rankings.


It also creates new assets to drive out negative reviews and news concerning your company and uses multiple social media monitoring methods to keep tabs on what people are saying about you. While some of its methods seem more artificial than those of other companies we reviewed, it is nonetheless a good service, especially if you are in need of heavy reputation repair or enhancement.

One of the key aspects of online reputation management is to push negative reviews or news off the first page or pages of Google and other search engines. Statistically, 70 to 90 percent of people don’t look past the first page, and well over 90 percent never go past the third page. Therefore, the more positive and neutral assets you can have on the first pages, the more likely it is that potential customers will only see your best image.

This company concentrates on suppressing negative commentary through promotion of positive sites and other content like blogs, videos or social media. It can create up to 150 new sites and syndicate your content through its news and blog networks that cover over 20,000 sites.

One example that impressed us was the creation of microsites that focused on one aspect of a business. In this way, people who are searching for a specific type of product or service will see that microsite, in addition to the overall advantage of having these specific sites crowd out other sites that might hold negative information about your business.

Another important aspect of online reputation management stems from the autosuggest feature found on Google and other search functions. When you start to type in your search terms, autosuggest offers a choice of frequently searched keywords that might match what you are looking for. This is handy, but it also influences what people look at. Clicking on the autosuggested choice signals the search engine that this is an important search string, which makes it more likely to recommend it in the future. Thus, if people Google your business name and see “[business] complaints,” they may click on it out of curiosity, even if they weren’t looking for complaints. As a result, they see negative information about your business, and the search engine continues to suggest “complaints” more often.

Reputation Management Consultants has a fleet of computers whose job it is to replace negative autosuggestions with positive ones. This is an artificial approach and more of a gray hat technique, but it does produce results, and Reputation Management Consultants says that in combination with its other services, it can lead to removal of negative suggestions over the long term.

One of the standout features of this service is how it handles review generation. It can create a review site for you where you direct customers to write a review or complaint. Reputation Management Consultants monitors the site, so that it can promote and disseminate positive reviews. Meanwhile, it alerts you to the negative ones so you can respond to the customer directly. In this way, the dissatisfied customer can vent in an area that does not harm your company and where it’s more likely he or she can get a satisfying response.

The company also uses computers for testing and tracking microsites. In this way, it keeps ahead of changes in algorithms to keep your sites rating high. It employs manual and automated search and social media monitoring to track your reputation as well.

Reputation Management Consultants has a forceful approach to repairing and enhancing your internet reputation. It uses manual and automated means to suppress not only negative news and reviews but autosuggested negativities that can exacerbate a problem. Some of its methods involve automated and artificial manipulations of search engines. However, it also generates positive content and creates a safe place for collecting reviews.