online nanny services – Nannies4Hire, 2017

Nannies4Hire is an online nanny service that lets you sign up for a subscription of two, four or six months and access information about nannies in your area. You can use the site to search, interview, screen and hire a local nanny.

The access you gain to this online nanny agency depends on which package you pay for. The two-month membership includes access to resumes posted by potential nannies and the ability to post jobs. The four-month service also includes a criminal search for multiple states, and the six-month subscription adds the benefit of background checks. You can also purchase background checks separately as an add-on to any of the packages, but the pricing structure indicates this might be more expensive than the subscription price.

Before you purchase a package with Nannies4Hire, you can conduct a free nanny search that gives you a preview of some of the providers available in your area. The free search lets you ensure there are available providers before you pay for the service. Registered families gain access to nanny contact information as well as tools such as samples of contracts, interview questions and reference forms.

According to the list of locations where nanny services are offered by listed providers, Nannies4Hire is able to serve most people in the United States. You may have trouble finding a provider through the site if you live in a small town or rural area, though.

A unique service offered by this online nanny finder is event child care. The service partners with event planners and coordinators to provide on-site nannies for those attending conferences, weddings and other events. Nannies4Hire guarantees these nannies using a background check and interview process to ensure qualifications, licenses and liability insurance. The same guarantee doesn’t apply in situations where you hire a nanny through the site, since Nannies4Hire assumes you have vetted the nanny before making a hiring decision.

Nannies4Hire offers a resource center for both families and nannies. Assistance available in the resource center includes documents on understanding the different types of child care providers, tips on creating job descriptions and information about how much you might want to pay a nanny to keep good help.