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Finding information on the types of business plan writing services available from is challenging since most information isn’t available on its website. However, a few emails and phone calls later we were able to find all the important information needed to determine that this online business plan writing service is one of the best and worthy of our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

Types of Plans is a subsidiary of MasterPlans, our top-ranked online business plan service. This means the same expert team writes your business plan and offers support through each step of the business planning process. BP can write a startup plan to help map out the steps needed to turn your great idea into a successful business. It can also create funding and investment plans if you need to raise capital either for your new business or for a new service, project or venture of an existing business. is one of the few online business plan services we reviewed that offers immigration plans. This is due to the vast amount of documentation and information required to provide a compliant plan.

This business plan service can write startup plans, business plans for securing investors or other funding, strategic marketing plans and feasibility plans. Turnaround time is quick, usually within a week or two, with rush service provided in case you need your business plan sooner than that. However, seven to 10 days is fast by business plan-writing standards.

BP doesn’t offer as many research services as its parent company, but it still offers substantially more than most online business planning services. will help conduct market analysis and competitor research and incorporate these findings into your final business plan. It also has expert experience in strategic planning to show investors how your business has an edge above others in your industry. This company is one of three services we reviewed that can do SEO research. This is finding the best keywords to incorporate on your website to help you rank higher in search engine results.

In addition to helping research, market and write a professional business plan, BP has the resources to provide some guidance throughout the startup and investment processes. It has industry-specific hints on its website that cover topics such as industry trends, common mistakes and niches to consider.

Research Services

One service offers is pitch training. It is important to know how to present your ideas to the bank or private investors in order to increase your chances of securing funding. BP has tutorials and individual consulting services that can help you prepare to present your business idea in the most professional and impressive way possible.

Communicating with your writing, research and consulting teams are important throughout the business planning process. This is especially true with since it has very little information available on its website.

You can connect with BP through both email and telephone. We received an email response within 24 hours of filling out the online request form. We were also able to call and speak to a representative who was very courteous and answered our questions without hesitancy. We also liked that we were not inundated with continual follow-up emails or phone calls; rather we were given the assurance that if we needed more information we had the option of contacting them again on our own time.

Though it was initially difficult to find information on its services, is a great source for market research, financial reports and creating a profession business plan. It has consulting services including help in preparing you to present your business pitch to potential investors and common, industry-specific mistakes to avoid. Communicating with your team is easy and not overbearing, making a good option to consider for your business planning needs.

Consulting Services

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