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Jubilant Web, one of the best in the world, offers just about every brand identity building block we could think of – from creating a brand to promoting it to protecting it. This New York-based firm can tackle every facet of your online brand strategy.

Brand Positioning

Your most important storefront is online and Jubilant can help you shine there. They know how to use SEO, link building and paid search to get your site to the top of search results. They also recognize the power of optimized content of all shapes and sizes to drive traffic to your site – white papers, case studies, infographics and more. They can help you improve existing text or have their own copywriting team create it for you. They can also craft press releases, not just ones about new products or other company news, but breaking news items too, in a pinch.

Jubilant also will take on the more creative aspects of brand positioning in the form of web and logo design. Jubilant can help you create podcasts, which can draw in potential customers. This agency cannot help you create videos directly but they have partners who do that sort of thing.

While we like Jubilant’s website, we were not overly impressed with the portfolio of client websites we found there. There were not many samples and some of the links to the samples were broken, but most of the designs were attractive. Their company blog is not a standout among the ones we looked at either, but we have confidence this firm could help you build both websites and blogs that will serve their purpose – pulling in traffic and providing information in an attractive interface.

This savvy branding strategy firm knows how to get your name established on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and Jubilant does more than just release or post your press releases and videos. They actively promote them. In the case of press releases, they partner with Engage Newswire and PR Buzz. They generally do not put an actual spokesperson at your disposal but Jubilant can help you train your staff to know how to deal with the media in a positive way.

Jubilant staff can help you search for and apply for industry awards. Just one of those can be priceless in advancing your company to industry expert status.

Brand Building

They can tailor reporting to your needs but most clients receive a monthly email with statistics pertaining to landing page success, impressions, unique visitors, sources of traffic and more. They actively engage your customers through social media sites and other portals to encourage the satisfied ones to offer positive comments about their experience with your company.

Jubilant utilizes technology that monitors content from news, websites, blogs, discussion groups and social media so you know what impression you are making on potential customers. The best response to negative reviews and comments can vary depending on the situation. Jubilant customizes their campaign to you, so you will discuss the best answer to criticism and their staff can help you craft it.

Besides driving traffic to your site, an influx of genuine, positive or neutral content like case studies, blogs and more can have the added bonus of moving negative information down in search results. Jubilant can make that part of your reputation management strategy.

We did not unearth any negative reviews of this agency, which could be due in part to the fact they are not that well known, but it still bodes well for Jubilant’s ability to protect your online reputation as well.

You can contact Jubilant in a wide range of ways, including telephone and email. Also, clients each get an account manager to offer personalized assistance and to make sure the campaign is serving the needs of the customer.

Jubilant contracts for a few things that we would prefer to have direct access to for branding management, like video production and a spokesperson. However, they are willing and able to do just about anything else – content creation, social media campaigns and SEO – to increase the number of people who get to know your brand, and they know how to protect your good name.

Reputation Management

Help & Support