online book publishing – Llumina Press, 2017

Llumina Press is one of the few online book publishing companies that will provide the particularly useful benefit of a free initial editorial evaluation to determine how much, if any, editing your manuscript might need. You have the option of finding your own editor if you choose, which is another unusual advantage for authors.


With Llumina Press, it takes about 12 weeks to mold your manuscript from its raw form into a published work, which is an average timeframe for online book publishing companies. As for royalties, you can expect to receive a generous 30 percent of the cover price for books sold through this company and 10 percent of the cover price for any books sold through a third-party retailer.

As part of its basic paperback publishing package, Llumina Press will obtain a Library of Congress number, assign an ISBN number, handle manuscript layout and formatting, and place interior images in your book. The company also will create an original, full-color cover for your book and help you compose and edit the text on the front and back covers. You also can publish your book in hardcover.

Llumina Press will create a webpage on its online book selling website that features you and your book. The company offers free informational eBooks, including one on communication and another that fills you in on how to be successful in online publishing.

We were a bit disappointed that the company does not handle copyright registration. Instead, it provides instructions on how to handle this task and requires you to attend to it yourself.

Llumina Press has 1,500 titles in print, so its book selling reach is small compared to the giant online publishing houses. However, it works with Ingram Book Group and Baker & Taylor, which are huge book distributors.

The company will sell your book through its own online bookstore. Llumina Press also will sell your book on,,,, and

Llumina welcomes all types of manuscripts from first-time and veteran writers. The company makes clear on its website that it will not accept manuscripts deemed hate literature or anything that contains hard-core pornography, and it reserves the right to reject anything that it considers offensive.

Llumina Press clearly understands the enormous value of eBook publishing. Through another of its paid packages, it will prepare your book for digital distribution. You also can get the benefit of See Inside the Book capabilities on and, which are hugely popular with book lovers who are your potential customers and readers.

You can receive a number of other services for an extra cost, such as copyediting, original cover art, written promotional materials (post cards, business cards and bookmarks), press releases, targeted email campaigns and more.

Ghostwriting services also are available for a fee, which would help someone who truly wants to tell a tale but for some reason cannot express it in words or needs help getting the concepts and written copy organized into a book.

Llumina Press does a fine job with help and support. You have access to a toll-free phone number, email contact, FAQs and an online discussion board.

Llumina Press prides itself on having the personal touch with its authors since it is a small book publisher. Some authors might be wary of this approach and the fact that the company does not have many titles in print. However, you might find features and a company philosophy that makes it easy for you to work well with Llumina Press and sell plenty of your own books.