ocr software – Presto! PageManager, 2017

Presto! PageManager Pro is manufactured by NewSoft, a company based in Taipei, Taiwan. Its U.S. office is located in Fremont, California, just outside of Los Angeles. It took us only four minutes to download and install the software – one of the fastest installations. Once it was running however, it took us a while to find all the features we were looking for. We were impressed that the Presto! PageManager includes a spell-checker and a range of other quality features. This OCR software is equipped to work with PDF and other image files, and it is compatible with MS Office. It will prepare text into MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, rich text, and text files. It also converts tables and offers file compression that makes archiving a little less storage intensive.


When we finally got the software to identify our scanner and locate the OCR function, we tested our samples. Our OCR conversion tests, with the exception of the mobile phone photo of our flyer, were fairly accurate. PageManager did not fare well on the mobile phone photo test. The images scanned well, but the software made no attempt to convert the table from the mobile photo, and some of the text boxes were garbled. In tests of the electronically created documents, the PDFs were accurate representations of the original. But, when the software transferred the optically recognized files to MS Word, the fonts were not duplicated exactly, and the entire page needing massaging to replicate the original document.

Parent company NewSoft offers a 30-day, money-back guarantee on its OCR software packages, including Presto! PageManager. Its website provides contact information for its customer service and technical support representatives. It also includes software tutorials and FAQs. And, good news for Macintosh users, this software package is available for both the PC and the Mac.

The Presto! PageManager Pro OCR software package was not quite as intuitive as most of the other OCR software applications in our review and not as accurate when converting PDFs to MS Office documents. However, once you find the electronic user manual under the Help tab, it provides good instructions for performing basic OCR functions, which the software does quite well.

If your company needs to convert mobile device photos, they need to be of very high quality for this software to capture them accurately. And if conversion of PDFs to other file formats is high on your list, you may want to consider other applications in our review. However, if your needs are primarily the conversion of paper and electronic documents to PDF, this may be software worth considering.