nutrition software – FitDay, 2017

FitDay has a friendly interface and well-designed features that make it a good choice in nutrition software to track your weight-loss program. One of the things that sets FitDay apart is a mood log, which gives you an additional layer of analysis. This offers an emotional baseline that you can compare with your food intake, activity, weight and body measurements. FitDay can make weight loss efficient and fun, plus it helps you achieve good nutrition in your diet.


FitDay also tracks a plethora of variables that frequently are overlooked in similar applications. You can find separate sections for food and nutrition, metabolism, weight, measurement and mood. You can customize each of these sections, which also have built-in visual aids and charts.

You can see your food options in both the Food Log and the Food Explorer. The Food Log records your healthy food selections, nutritional information and shows you a daily summary based on your preferences. The Food Explorer streamlines the entry process by helping you customize the food database according to your eating habits and goals.

The Activity module is designed in the same way: a log and an explorer. With an extensive list of activities and variations, such as running to reflect degrees of exertion, you will have an accurate estimate of your metabolism.

The Weight, Measurement and Mood Logs offer detailed areas for these factors. Charts are generated automatically and displayed to track your progress against your goal. FitDay is one of the only calorie counters to include a detailed mood module.

The Calendar gives you a quick look at all of your activity for each day of the month. Icons make it easy to see your progress and the last column is a summary for the week. You may choose to display calories and macronutrients in text or as pie charts.

You can generate your own reports to analyze every aspect of your weight-loss program: diet, nutrition, metabolism, activities, weight, measurements and mood. Choose to see calorie breakdown in the following ways: a macronutrient breakdown, average daily intake of all nutrients, detailed nutrient analysis, nutrient intakes as a percentage of RDA or of Daily Value or your intake of various types of fat. Similar charts are available for activities, measurements and trends.

The mood screen offers preset descriptions for happiness, stress, anger, energy, clarity, hunger and health. The face will change to reflect your entry: blue eyes for calm, red for stressed. Click on an icon in the calendar to see a pop-up summary report for diet, activities, weight, body measurements and mood. Are you faced with a food choice? Try the Nutri-Search tab to get a list of foods high in the nutrient you want.

Screens and functions are consistent across all modules. You???ll enter food information the same way you enter exercise activities. Clearly labeled tabs indicate the detailed views available to you. FitDay automatically generates informative charts to capture your information. Easy navigation, streamlined entry and automated displays make FitDay easy to use.

FitDay starts with a convenient welcome screen giving a synopsis of each module???s functions. The integrated help is useful and complete. Screenshots are included with the friendly how-to instructions. For detailed information, you can visit online help, and you can access FAQs or submit a specific question using the online form.

FitDay is an excellent choice to support a weight-loss program. It’s well designed, comprehensive and does most of the analysis work for you. If you love to see your progress on paper, FitDay will be a powerful motivator as you work toward your ideal weight. While it is a great application for beginners, FitDay is not the best for those seeking advanced weight-loss programs.