night vision goggles – Yukon Night Vision Goggles 2017 – Top Tens

The Yukon NVMT 1X24 is a head-mounted Gen 1 night vision device. It weighs 13.4 ounces, runs on a single 3-volt lithium battery and comes with headgear.

The Yukon is a compact monocular wrapped in a durable rubber armor that protects it from dust, dirt, rain and fog. This rubber shell makes the night vision device weatherproof but not waterproof. However, a lens cap that remains attached to the body of the monocular protects the optics from dust and moisture. Along the armor are grooves to prevent the unit from slipping from your grip. The mounting gear and head strap allows for hands-free use. With its flip design, it is easy to quickly flip the headgear into place when required. However, this headgear is only usable with the right eye. Besides this restriction, some users also complain that the headgear is not comfortable to wear nor easily adjusted.

Even though this is a Gen 1 device, it does not simply rely on ambient light amplification but also includes a separate infrared light source to help with its night vision system. The integrated 25-milliwatt infrared illuminator lies next to the intensifier tube and produces a tightly focused beam of IR light. There is a simple switch to activate it, and once turned on, it lights up distances up to 100 yards. While the infrared emitter helps with improving gain, it gives off a discernible glow that makes stealth observation difficult. Those who find the bundled infrared illuminator too weak or distracting can pick up the optional Sea Wolf IR flashlight.

The multicoated optics in the Yukon maximizes light amplification by enhancing contrast. The included lens offers a 30-degree field of view but provides no magnification. While its 1x magnification reduces distortion and produces clear images, it also reduces the effective range of the monocular. There is also a system in place to protect the intensifier tube and the user’s vision from sudden bursts of bright light.

The Yukon NVMT 1X24 is lightweight, compact and easy to use. It comes with a headgear mount and offers impressive performance for Gen 1 night vision goggles. Despite enhancements to its Gen 1 intensifier tube, this Yukon monocular is simply underpowered for anyone but those newly introduced to night vision equipment.