night vision goggles – Spy Net, 2017

The Spy Net Ultra is a toy binocular that also doubles as night vision goggles. It is a lightweight handheld device that comes with a thin strap for securing the device around your neck.

The Spy Net Ultra is really a night vision monocular with a plastic body. Although it is a kid’s gadget, it is still big enough for adults. In front, the device has one big lens and two smaller infrared LED lights surrounding it. At the rear, there are two eyepieces wrapped and conjoined by a rubber shield that not only makes it comfortable to nestle the goggles on your face but also keeps light from escaping the unit. Between the lens and the eyepieces is a set of colorful switches for operating the goggles, as well as a microSD slot. At the bottom of the device is a battery bay that holds four AA batteries.

Besides providing night vision, this device has three other visual modes: Daytime Surveillance to see everything in full color, Ghost Recon to turn the view ghostly white and black and Thermal Tech that mimics heat vision. In complete darkness, the night vision mode allows you to see up to 50 feet thanks to the two built-in infrared illuminators. One of them shines a red light while the other shines an invisible light. The former can be blinding when turned on objects that are too close.

In addition to its visual modes, this night vision device also has a long-range mode and short-range mode as well as record and playback modes. The night vision goggles can take pictures and record videos even in total darkness. These save on a microSD card, and users can transfer these images to a computer.

While the Spy Net Ultra has a true night vision system, other features such as thermal imaging and ghost recon are simply visual tricks achieved with lens filters. The pictures it takes are blurry, and recorded videos have a low VGA resolution. However, this night vision device performs admirably for a toy gadget, and it provides lots of fun for kids and adults alike.