rolling walkers – Carex, 2017

The Carex Rolling Walker features four wheels for optimal movement without having to lift up on the mobility aid with each step. The walker comes standard with storage, a seat, backrest and handbrakes.

Oversized eight-inch plastic wheels offer the ability to maneuver over light terrain, letting you take this walker into grassy park areas or navigate city sidewalks with cracks and slight drops. When using the walker on unlevel ground, you might have to pull up slightly on the frame to navigate some areas. The entire walker weighs 17.5 pounds, and although you won’t often need to lift it completely when walking, use on rough terrain may be difficult for individuals with very limited upper body strength or range of motion.

This Carex 4-wheeled walker supports up to 250 pounds, whether you’re making use of the seat or using the device to get around. The walker adjusts between 33.75 and 38.75 inches in height to accommodate most adults; consider speaking to your physician or physical therapist prior to ordering the walker to ensure you will be comfortable with that height range. The handles are also adjustable, which should make it easier to achieve a safe fit.

A padded seat and backrest make this medical walker a good option for someone who enjoys social outings or long strolls around the neighborhood. This provides a place to rest, and the comfortable seat lets you take advantage of community events without putting too much stress on your feet or legs.

A storage compartment underneath the seat lets you stow personal items that might otherwise be kept in a purse or bag, reducing the amount of weight on your upper body and leaving you free to navigate with the wheeled walker. Extra medicine or other necessities can also be stored in the compartment, reducing the need to collect items when you are trying to get out of the house.

The walker can be folded up to better fit into car and truck spaces or when storing it at home, although it doesn’t fold completely flat because of its accessories. Another consideration regarding the Carex rolling walker is whether insurance will cover a portion of the cost. Because this walker is classified as a rollator and features options such as storage and seating, not all policies cover it.

Overall, the Carex Rolling Walker is a convenient option for those in the market for a mobility aid. Extra features such as the storage compartment make it a useful item for those who spend a lot of time on the go.