radio controlled toys – Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart is one of the last places that you want to go to find RC toys, mostly because of how limited their selection is, especially online. While Wal-Mart does offer great specials and low prices, their toy selection is paltry, offering only a handful of decent RC toys suitable for toddlers and young children.

RC Toy Selection

Standout Features

While Wal-Mart has just about everything else on the planet, they aren’t a very well stocked radio controlled toy store. You will be able to find RC cars and trucks; you can also find a few RC airplanes, but not much else. The RC toy selection isn’t very big at Wal-Mart because of how small their toy section is in general.

Even though the RC toy selection isn’t very big, if you are looking for a RC car for a young child Wal-Mart is the perfect place to find something that is reasonably priced. You will also find very durable toys, which make them a perfect fit for children who are picking up the radio controller for the first time.

Wal-Mart has some awesome customer service options, despite the fact that they do not offer online chat. One of the best things about their customer service is that even if you bought the RC toy online, you can take it back to your local Wal-Mart store to exchange or return it.

Wal-Mart has one of the most user-friendly websites that you will ever run across. Wal-Mart’s search tools are effective and allow you to find items by keyword or item number. You can also search specific departments to find what you are looking for. With such a huge online inventory, filters are a necessity and happily, Wal-Mart provides them.

Customer Service

One of the best features that Wal-Mart has to offer is their site-to-store shipping option. This shipping option allows you to order something online and rather than paying for shipping, they will ship it to your local Wal-Mart store free of charge. The only drawback to this shipping option is the fact that not all products sold on the website qualify for site-to-store shipping.

Wal-Mart offers a variety of other shipping methods that you can choose from, including expedited shipping and overnight shipping. Of course, the faster the shipping method is, the more you will have to pay in shipping costs.

While Wal-Mart has a very limited amount of RC toys to choose from, the selection they do have is great for beginners, but not serious drivers.

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