psychic services – Psychic Access 2017

Psychic Access doesn’t have the largest network of advisors, nor does it offer very many website features. However, this online psychic service does offer various types of psychic readings and flexible contact options that enable to you to connect with an advisor in whichever way is most convenient for you.


Psychic Access is smaller and less well known than other psychic services we reviewed, so we were surprised to find that its repertoire of services is sufficiently well rounded. From astrology to tarot, this service gives you access to psychics who practice all major types of divination.

These divination services and types of psychic readings are listed on the site’s homepage, and you can search available psychics by rating, price or name. A navigation bar at the top of the page offers access to support options, your account, company information and more. Once you navigate away from the homepage to any of the site’s subpages, however, the navigation bar and list of psychic services disappear. To navigate the site effectively, you must use the back button or return directly to the homepage. We also found it difficult to locate both the service’s list of psychic readers and the 15 search filters provided to help you browse through them ??? there is a small View Our Psychics towards the bottom of the homepage.

This online psychic service performs readings in a handful of ways: over the phone, by live chat and by video chat. The international telephone service allows anyone from anywhere in the world to call in and speak to an advisor. The psychics who offer video chat readings are equipped with microphones and webcams. Even if you don’t have those peripheral devices for your computer, you can still hear and see the psychic if you opt for a video reading.

We tested the video chat, and even though we did not have a webcam set up, we could still clearly see the psychic. The live chat option is also convenient because you can immediately start talking with a psychic. The service has unique psychic chat rooms where you can speak with different advisors. When you find one you like, you can initiate a private chat with him or her.

A few of the features Psychic Access is missing include personalized horoscopes and personalized psychic reports. There isn’t an option to schedule appointments with your favorite advisors either. Most psychic services allow you to do this because it makes obtaining a reading easier and more convenient.

Psychic Access lacks several features that keep it from competing with our top-ranked online psychics and services. There are no email readings, and no ability to schedule appointments. Most significantly, the website is cumbersome and difficult to navigate. That said, Psychic Access delivers a decent range of services and divination practices, and its contact options are highly flexible and accommodating.