projector mounts – Vantage Point CGUPM12

Since 1987, Vantage Point Products Corp has been finding creative solutions to mount your home entertainment equipment. One of our favorites is the Vantage Point CGUPM12 projector mount. With a unique design that allows for ultimate versatility and ease of installation, we couldn’t help but give Vantage Point’s CGUPM12 my approval.


The Vantage Point CGUPM12’s design is very different from its competitors. Instead of being stagnant with one hinge-type adjustment point, this projector mount can be fine-tuned at two different points: the ceiling and projector connection. These two areas both have hinge points that allow for movement. At both locations you can rotate the unit 360 degrees, tilt it plus or minus 90 degrees or roll it (move side to side) plus or minus 90 degrees. The mount’s arm attachment can extend up to 11.78 inches from the ceiling.

Built for strength, the Vantage Point CGUPM12 is capable of supporting up to 30 pounds and has been tested against four times its weight capacity. We wouldn’t suggest trying this at home, though. Stick with 30 pounds to protect you, your ceiling and your projector. After all, the main unit measures only 5.35 x 5.35 x 11.78 inches; better to play it safe. The unit is made of die cast aluminum and can be purchased in black or silver.

Although Vantage Point doesn’t market the CGUPM12 as a universal projector mount, it will still support any projector you throw at it. We spoke with a Vantage Point technical support rep who indicated that the only hardware they don’t include with every package are 6-mm screws. These screws are only used with rare Epson projector models, and if you do have one of these uncommon units, Vantage Point will send you a package of 6-mm screws free of charge. For every other kind of projector, four sets of short and long wings are included to span the length and securely install most projectors.

If the CGUPM12 is too small to reach two studs in your ceiling on its own, Vantage Point offers a double stud adapter plate (purchased separately) that allows you to install a small mount in between two studs. Installation instructions are included in a user manual, and these same instructions can also be downloaded from the CGUPM12’s product page.

Features is the one area the Vantage Point CGUPM12 is a little light. You won’t find a cord management system built into the projector mount – mainly because it doesn’t have a pole design like its competitors. You’ll also miss a quick release function for easy removal of the projector for cleaning and maintenance. However, one of Vantage Point’s support representatives alerted us to the fact that most models, even if they do have a quick release feature, require the entire mount plate to be removed to change a light bulb. This statement rings true for competing projector mounts as well.

Ease of Installation

One of the coolest features the Vantage Point CGUPM12 does have is its ability to compensate for non-standard installation locations. This projector mount can be installed just about anywhere: flat, vaulted, cathedral or angled ceilings, and even walls. This versatility means you can use the CGUPM12 in every room of any home you own. No need to ever purchase another mount. You could also install this projector mount in any office space. A key and lock system is included on the mount, allowing you to lock the projector to the mount to prevent theft.

We contacted Vantage Point with specific questions regarding the Vantage Point CGUM12, and their support team responded very quickly. Needless to say, we were impressed – not only by their fast response time, but by the quality of the answers they provided. They didn’t beat around the bush if a feature we inquired about wasn’t included. They were straightforward and told us exactly what we wanted to know. You can contact Vantage Point via an online email form or by phone. For future assistance, they backup the Vantage Point CGUM12 with a lifetime warranty. A lifetime warranty definitely means big brownie points for Vantage Point. They are one of only two manufacturers who cover their products with such a comprehensive warranty.

Vantage Point has quite a gem in the Vantage Point CGUM12 projector mount. This baby can swivel, rotate and bend – back and forth, up and down and side to side. It can mount to walls, sloped ceilings, vaulted ceilings and more. It can even extend almost a foot from the ceiling. Best of all, this projector mount comes with a lifetime warranty and an excellent customer support base. Can you tell we’re smitten?


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