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Created as a portfolio diversification strategy to help you manage risk and protect wealth, the American Precious Metals Exchange, or APMEX, gives you access to a wide selection of precious metals at a competitive price. And not only do they offer popular bullion products; they also offer a wide selection of pre-1933 coins, commemoratives and international currency. APMEX is one of the best in the world because of their excellent customer service, quality products and simple, yet secure, ordering process.

Bullion Selection

This precious metals service offers a wide selection of gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Silver and gold products are a large part of their inventory, which includes products such as Gold and Silver Eagles, Gold and Silver Maple Leafs and international rounds and bars. If you are interested in investing in numismatic products, APMEX has pre-1933 proof sets and graded coins, commemoratives and mint errors. Several dollar bills are also available from APMEX. They offer $500 and $1,000 bills from 1928 and 1934. Last printed in 1934, these bills are a rare find today and are ideal for those who collect numismatic products.

Aside from buying just one specific coin or U.S. Legal Tender, this precious metals service offers several gift ideas for any coin lover or for those looking to give a unique present. Several of these gifts include gold pendants, silver currency bars and coin jewelry such as money clips, key rings or bezels. We found the coins commemorating special occasions such as Valentine???s Day or just to say ???Thank You??? were unique. If you are looking to invest in several box sets, APMEX offers several choices.

Since you want to know exactly what you’re buying, this precious metals service provides a thorough description of each product and the product???s condition. Box sets, for example, provide information in regard to the condition of the coins, and whether the box set is complete. By clicking on a specific coin, you receive a list of specifications including the grade, diameter, thickness and year of the product. You can also look at product ratings and reviews from individuals who have bought similar products by APMEX.

Making a large investment can be nerve-wracking. APMEX is straightforward and gives you all the information you need. On their website you can find detailed, thorough order policies and procedure documents so you know exactly what to expect throughout the buying and selling process. The website also contains a search toolbar that makes it possible for you to search for one specific product.

We found APMEX to be the easiest web service for selling precious metals. They offer four simple steps on their website that aid you in the selling process. The site also contains an instructional video to answer any additional questions you may have. The video shows you the step-by-step process to shipping your product and to ensure that it is received with no damage. To sell your product, you must have at least $1,000 of bullion to sell.

Ease of Use

APMEX offers two convenient ways to make a purchase. You can order online or speak with a non-commissioned Account Manager. To buy or sell your precious metals online, you must set up a free account with APMEX. With this account, you have the ability to buy and sell bullion online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can track any orders you may have. The account is simple to set up and only requires you to enter pertinent information.

As mentioned before, the ordering process for precious metals is available for you on the APMEX webpage. As with similar precious metal investing companies, when you submit your order, that becomes your locked-in price and the order cannot be modified further. APMEX will send you a confirmation once your order is processed. A cancellation fee is assessed if you must cancel your order.

APMEX accepts credit cards, bank wires, certified checks, cashier???s checks, money orders and personal checks. They offer the most options for payment of any site we reviewed. APMEX does recommend that you avoid paying with credit card for orders greater than $2,500. For orders more than $25,000, they suggest paying by bank wire. Be aware there is a $50 minimum U.S. order fee per transaction. There is a $250 minimum order for orders from Canada and a $1,500 minimum for those from Europe and Australia.

All packages come fully insured and require a signature upon delivery. Aside from insured shipments, this precious metals service has taken careful measure to ensure your information is safe. Their system is based upon a Secure Socket Layer encryption standard. This means if you are using an SSL browser, the system will encrypt your information. Their privacy policy states they will not disclose any information to third-party members. All information regarding their privacy policy and security measures are located on their website.

APMEX offers superb customer service to ensure your buying and selling experience is enjoyable. Phone and email support are available to customers along with live chat capabilities. This feature makes it possible for you to get a quick response with an APMEX representative and all your questions answered in a timely manner.

The FAQs section of this website was one of the most thorough and detailed help sections we have seen on these sites. Questions range from problems ordering online pricing, payments and shipping. The contact and information page also contains several additional pieces of information such as emails for the different departments at APMEX, information for first-time visitors and shipping information. There is help for any account problems you may face, and there is also information on their security policy, rates and spot prices. However, we were disappointed there were not more informational resources available to users regarding coin collecting and bullion investing.

Payment & Shipping

APMEX helps you buy and sell precious metals hassle-free. They offer step-by-step guides and an instructional video to help you get the most out of your experience. They offer an extensive bullion selection with several numismatic products that are ideal for coin lovers or for those who want to expand their investment portfolio. This precious metals site offers excellent customer service, with several different forms of communication available to you and an extensive FAQs section.

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