pool covers – Ultra Armor Maxx, 2017

The Ultra Armor Maxx Gold Winter Pool Cover incorporates a tight weave, gives protection against growth of mold and mildew, and has a four-foot overlap that adds additional protection down the side of your pool. Made to keep out ultraviolet light, this pool cover keeps your pool clean for when you open it in the spring and provides what you need to secure your pool during the months when it is not in use.

Such winter pool covers, constructed of polyethylene, are strong and resilient. The weave of this cover is durable due to the 10 x 10 inch scrim that indicates the tightness of the weave. The hem, folded twice, measures 0.25 inch and the double folding helps prevent fraying. This adds to the pool cover’s durability and provides a strong edge. The hem also includes a polypropylene rope sewed inside the hem to make it stronger. Ultraviolet inhibitors in the fabric prevent the sun from breaking it down and extends the lifespan of the cover.

The size of this cover measures 24 feet and is round in shape. This is for a pool that is 20 feet round. The cover overlaps 2 feet all the way around. This gives you plenty of room to secure the cover and make sure the pool stays clean and completely protected.

Different types of grommets, used to tie down such aboveground pool covers, vary by composition. This cover uses aluminum grommets. Aluminum resists rust and does not corrode. The grommets, placed within two stitched parallel areas, hold the cover down securely even when high wind or inclement weather intrudes. The tools to secure the cover, such as the cable and winch, are part of the package.

Warranties are important when you are choosing pool covers, and this one comes with a 12-year warranty. The first two years are under a full warranty. The remaining years have a sliding scale of coverage. As time continues, the coverage decreases, and you are obligated to pay a higher amount for replacement. This is a common format for most pool covers.

The Ultra Armor Maxx Gold Winter Pool Cover is a midrange pool cover that lets you keep debris out of the pool when it is not in use and has a 10 x 10 inch scrim. It resists sun degradation and has a double hem. When you are searching for durable pool covers, you might want to check out the Ultra Armor Maxx Gold Winter Pool Cover.