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Whether you’re regularly active or a regular couch potato, pedometers and step counters are great tools to boost your activity levels. An average daily step count of 10,000 steps is the recommended amount of activity. The Fitbit Zip is a highly portable and interactive motivation machine to help get you there. Our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award goes to the Fitbit Zip because it blends techy features like Bluetooth syncing, a touchscreen and a mobile app with a simple design, a lightweight and a bold look. The mobile application linked to this pedometer works as a personal trainer to record your progress, and you can even compete with friends.

Tracking & Recording

Our review focuses on the Fitbit Zip because it covers the basics. However, the rest of the Fitbit family expands on the Zip’s capabilities. Other Fitbit models ??? the Flex, Force and One ??? count steps like normal pedometers, but also serve as all-encompassing activity monitors. The Flex and the Force fit snuggly on your wrist like a typical rubber bracelet. The Force features an LED screen that displays information similarly to the Zip. The Fitbit Flex uses five LED lights to show you how close you are to your goal. The Flex, Force and One models also monitor your sleep quality to ensure you’re ready for more activity the next day.

The Fitbit Zip and its sister models use a tri-axis accelerometer to record basic and aerobic steps. Unlike traditional pendulum counters, the accelerometer counts step regardless of the device???s position. The Zip’s screen shows steps, calories and distance for the day and resets at midnight. As long as it???s within 15 feet of a computer or the included dongle, the tracker syncs with your account every 15 minutes ??? a lifesaver if you’re forgetful or don’t have time to plug the device into your computer. For extra information about your activity, this bite-sized step counter, in conjunction with the mobile application, can record how many calories you’ve burned or consumed. The recording memory on this pedometer lasts 30 days and counts an unlimited number of steps.

One downside to this step counter is that it does not register extra activity like swimming or biking. In fact, none of the Fitbit devices can register this activity. Its sensitive accelerometer registers horizontal, vertical and forward movement, so it may over count steps if you ride in a vehicle often.

The most outstanding feature of the Fitbit Zip is the free mobile application. You’ll get the most out of the Fitbit Zip’s features if you have an 3rd generation or later iOS device or a member of the Samsung Galaxy family. If you have an NFC capable device, look into the Fitbit Flex. With just a tap, you can sync your stats to your phone.

Fitbit models are the best pedometers if you have a competitive streak. You can compare your progress with friends or compete against yourself. And if you’re running behind, the fitness app calculates how many steps you need to take to reach your goal.

Basic Features

Fitbit creates a profile based on your height, age and weight. This personal information helps the Fitbit Zip calculate how many steps you???ve taken and how many calories you???ve burned each day. Because everyone’s body is different, the more personalized a fitness tracker can be, the better.

One of the first things you may notice about the Fitbit Zip is the lack of buttons. This pedometer is all face. With each tap of the touchscreen, you’ll access a step counter, a clock, your distance, your calories burned and an emoticon to indicate your progress toward your goal. While there???s a good amount of information available, be aware that you can only see one stat at a time on the display.

Wearing a pedometer throughout the day can motivate you to be more active, but you don’t want it to get in the way. Thankfully, this device is small enough to fit in watch pockets, belt loops or bras. The Zip comes with a small case with a clip to keep it secure wherever you attach it during the day. It comes in five color options to fit your personality and style. The battery lasts up to six months, with five and a half months being the average. You can replace it easily with a 3V coin battery found at most supermarkets or electronics stores.

Fitbit does not have a telephone support line, but its online support presence makes up for it. is easy to navigate. On Fitbit’s website, you can find a setup guide, FAQs, email support and even community forums to answer your questions. A printed instruction manual is included in the Fitbit’s packaging, but an online version is available via the product’s website.

We???ve think of the whole Fitbit family are the best pedometers for a reason. Pedometers have been widely similar over their history on the market, so introducing an app that serves as a motivator and personal trainer is a refreshing addition. Daily activities become more interesting and as you try to reach your goal every day. We love its look and the unlimited step-counting feature. Each member of the Fitbit family, wristbands and clips alike, has a tri-axis accelerometer, so you can count on it to count your steps accurately.


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