payment gateway services – National Bankcard Payment Gateway Service 2017 – Top Tens

National Bankcard is a payment gateway service offering low fees, competitive rates and quick account setup. No matter the size of your business, this company can work with you. Its current clients range from small businesses to large chains.


This payment gateway company has both interchange-plus pricing and tiered pricing available. Its tiered pricing is especially good, with a 0.25% rate on qualified debit cards, which is below the average in this industry. National Bankcard does prefer to quote tiered-pricing rates, but it allows you to switch between both pricing plans if you would like. This company also provides terminals that are EMV ready for $69, which is the lowest price of any payment gateway service we reviewed.

This payment gateway provider offers a low monthly fee to its customers at $5, which is low compared to other services on our review. Its other fees, like its $99 PCI-compliance fee and $25 monthly minimum fee, are consistent with other companies’ fees. National Bankcard’s monthly minimum fee varies depending on processing costs, and it is willing to lower that minimum the first few months that you sign with its service.

A drawback we found with this service is its apparent lack of transparency. Specifically, the customer service agents we spoke with weren’t consistent with some of the information they provided, particularly about interchange-plus pricing. This company does, however, post its tiered pricing and fees on its website, giving you a good idea of what you can expect to pay if you sign up for this service.

A plus to this service is its quick setup time. It can usually get your account started the same day you apply for service. You can sign all of your documents electronically. There is also no contract required, so you can sign up for month-to-month service. If you choose to cancel your service with National Bankcard, there is no termination fee. Funds will arrive in your account as early as the business day following a transaction, which is fast in this industry.

Upon contacting National Bankcard representatives, we found the people we spoke with to be helpful and knowledgeable. When you contact payment gateway services, you may have to push to acquire the information you need that they’re not eager to provide. For example, our contact with National Bankcard wasn’t very forthcoming with rates and other information about interchange-plus pricing.

If you work with National Bankcard, you are assigned an account representative, who becomes your point of contact for the company. The rep can run an analysis of the service National Bankcard gives you in relation to your business after a few months of working together to see if he or she can improve your rates and costs.

National Bankcard has competitive rates on both interchange-plus and tiered-pricing plans. It doesn’t require a long-term contract and has a low monthly fee. It also provides the cheapest EMV terminal out of all of the payment gateway services we reviewed.