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Callbox, despite its name, offers much more than telephone calling for sales lead generation. In fact, what makes Callbox stand out is that it offers traditional telemarketing as well as all of the most modern online tools to help find you the potential customers to make your business thrive. This is why it has earned the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award. This service has helped generate leads for businesses of many different sizes from many different fields, including IT, financial services, commercial cleaning, education, healthcare, real estate, travel and more. Callbox strives to offer marketing solutions for companies that are ready to let a sales lead generation service do the legwork of finding potential customers.

Lead Generation

The Callbox arsenal of tools includes all-important search engine optimization, which can help you get more of the right type of audience to your website and increase your leads online. This lead generator first researches the types of keywords that will help your business??? name appear toward the top of search results, which makes it much more likely for potential customers to see you before they see your competitors. The service will then go through your site and help you work those keywords in at a rate that will cause search engines to rank your site closer to the top of search results. Callbox also helps you work those keywords into all sorts of text it can create to draw attention to your product, including blogs, press releases, white pages and articles. The creative staff can help you create templates for digital brochures and newsletters that will draw potential leads in. The staff can also help you design PowerPoint presentations that will win over customers.

In terms of social media, Callbox can help spread the word about your services on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and other similar sites by creating accounts for you, posting positive news about your company and tweeting. It can interact on your behalf with your current and potential customers on social sites. It follows conversations online that indicate what people think about your brand so that you can maneuver to get more and more favorable opinions.

Not every business wants to use traditional telemarketing, and for many businesses, an emphasis on SEO and all things online is the best way to find new leads, but Callbox gives you the option of choosing online, tradition or both. After researching your industry, it can have its team make contact over the phone to educate potential leads about your product. It maintains large databases of business contacts and can filter those lists to find the best potential leads for your business.

Callbox also has comprehensive event telemarketing so your leads get a personal invitation to upcoming corporate events. Phone calls are much harder to ignore than a stack of emails inviting your lead to your events and the events of your competitors. Your event can stand out with a phone call. Callbox can also call your leads to thank them or to announce corporate news.

Callbox even offers the option of a direct mailing campaign to generate leads. It doesn’t actually mail the documents ??? it works with a partner company for that ??? but it can coordinate that effort for you. Mailing actual paper brochures and other documents may seem outdated, but it may work well for your particular business.


Phone contacting can help you find new leads and track existing leads. Callbox staff will call potential customers after a tradeshow, for instance, to make sure that warm leads do not go cold. The staff can also help you organize and maintain your database of contacts. Callbox staffers will telephone each to confirm contact information and collect other demographics, removing invalid contact information along the way. They can then profile the contacts on the list to help you evaluate which are most likely to yield a sale.

Callbox shows pride in its work by offering real-time views of the leads it is generating for your business through its proprietary customer relationship management platform ??? PipelineCRM. You can log in and see potential sales, an events calendar, searchable contact history and more. You can even have alerts sent out to anyone on the team that would want to know about sales appointments that Callbox has arranged for you. PipelineCRM also will remind both your sales team and the lead of upcoming appointments. You can also see up-to-the-minute details about each call that Callbox makes on your behalf ??? who the caller spoke with, size of the company, location, business type and credit rating.

If you choose Callbox, you will be assigned an account manager, a QA analyst, a primary agent and a backup agent so you always have a point of contact if you need to voice concerns. Your plan will be personalized to your company???s specific situation.

This is one of the few lead generation companies that offers online chat as a support option, which is great if you have just a quick question. It also had excellent response times for all of the email questions we sent them. The website is well organized and packed with information. Customer service is also available by phone with local numbers in several countries.

Callbox generates leads for your business from many angles. Some lead generation services are equipped with good online tools and many are equipped with call centers at the ready, but it is rare to find both. Callbox can strengthen your web presence and look for ways to boost your ranking in search engines as well as help you with social media and email marketing. It can also offer good phone calling and direct mailing when needed. Callbox stands out among its competition and is the best lead generation company, with a balanced approach that works well for companies of all shapes and sizes.


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