ringtone software – MP3 Ringtone Maker

MP3 Ringtone Maker is a ringtone software program that can cut any MP3 segment from MP3, WMA, and WAV formats and make them into a ringtone. This program was designed to be a complex but uncomplicated audio and ringtone audio converter. Manufacturer PtShare has managed to build an audio cutter and ringtone maker in one simple program.


Standout Features

All you need to do to use MP3 Ringtone Maker is click “open” and choose the audio file you want to use from your music collection. Once your song is selected all you have to do is mark the start and end time. Preview the segment and click “Save.” You then save the converted file to your hard drive for download to your mobile phone.

This ringtone software program can convert MP3, WMA, and WAV formats into MP3 and AMR formats. It has a built in audio cutter while being able to convert audio formats at the same time. With MP3 Ringtone Maker you have the ability to pre-listen to any section of audio you wish to convert before you actually do it.

MP3 Ringtone Maker editing features include “Extend Right” and “Extend Left” buttons. This editing feature allows you to either move your audio cut left or right for a precise selection. You can also play the entire track or use the “Play the selected segment” button to preview your cut.

The program also has audio information available to view while editing. This information includes the file name, bit rate, channel, sample rate, and time length. You can view selected segment info including the beginning position, ending position, length, and current position.

MP3 Ringtone Maker does not provide a phone number or a list of FAQs. Help is only provided via email.

Since the ringtones made by his program are downloaded via USB cable, any phone that can support the formats, and can be connected to your PC through a USB cable can use this ringtone program with little to no problem.

We did not think this ringtone software program was very effective. First the sound quality was very poor; the program won’t always save your file, also when you play your ringtone it cuts it off early. We had to add about one second to every ringtone just to get the full selection. You are not able to send your ringtone over the internet.

MP3 Ringtone Maker is a basic audio cutter and ringtone maker all in one, but we cannot recommend this product due to many issues we encountered while testing this product. Not only is this ringtone software one of the priciest products on the lineup, but its performance is one of the poorest. Bad sound quality, limited support, and conversion discrepancies make this product undesirable especially for the price. It’s a good thing PtShare offers a 30-day money back guarantee.