restoration damage and cleanup services – Paul Davis, 2017

Paul Davis is a full-service contractor with locations across the United States. The company provides a host of emergency and construction services as well as complete fire and water damage restoration. If your home has been impacted by a cataclysmic event, be it natural or otherwise, the company’s focus is on bringing your home back to livable and safe conditions as quickly as possible.

The main advantage of the company is that all of its franchisees are licensed general contractors. If the structure of your home has been affected by storm damage, including broken windows or roof damage from branches or winds, a service team can provide a quote for complete home repair and remodeling. Most companies that respond to home emergencies are specialists and are not licensed to complete any general construction work. In this case, if your home is severely damaged externally and internally, workers are licensed to complete all the work and may help file claims with your insurance company for your convenience.

The company also offers a broad slate of water damage restoration and fire damage restoration services. Responders are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. Its services include complete cleanup of household goods, including books and documents, in case of both fire and water damage. Specialized instruments detect moisture and standing water in walls and subfloors. Containment equipment cleans up backed-up sewage and biohazard contamination. Fire restoration teams deal with smoke residue, stains, harmful fumes and odors. A team can be onsite within four hours, and a dispatcher returns most initial calls within 30 minutes.

If your home is affected by unattended standing water for over 48 hours, it’s likely that mold may have developed. The company offers complete mold remediation services, which include detection and removal of mold within carpets, furniture and the structure of the home. Should damage have spread to delicate household items like artwork, a team provides quotes for complete cleaning and restoration of as many of your items as it can salvage. Additionally, if you have any additional contamination from raw sewage, animal remains and chemicals, its biohazard removal and decontamination services are also available to help with this cleanup.

The main advantage of Paul Davis is the company’s ability to reconstruct damaged property in addition to complete emergency restoration. If your home is impacted physically by a fire or natural disaster and needs extensive rebuilding, this company can provide a single quote for all the work necessary, including roof repair. If the damage your home has suffered is more localized, the company provides services for water and fire damage cleanup.