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RC Wholesales specializes in RC toys ideal for hobbyists and casual enthusiasts alike. Not only does RC Wholesales offer you a wide variety of RC toys, but they also offer training videos for first time users along with other useful learning resources.

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In terms of quantity, the RC toy inventory at RC Wholesales is somewhat limited. But, if you’re not looking for unusual or specialty items, RC Wholesales is likely to have something for you. The main focus is on cars and trucks. Beyond standard RC cars and trucks, RCWholesales doesn’t offer much you won’t find at other radio controlled toy stores. As far as unique items go, RC Wholesales offers their RC Buggy and RC Truggy. The RC Truggy is a cross between a buggy and a truck and is ideal if you enjoy taking your RC cars off-roading.

You will also notice on the website that you can buy replacement parts for any of the RC toys that they carry. You can also find a variety of RC accessories such as work stands or throttle/brake fail safe devices. There is a link to Hop-Up parts on the website, but it is a waste of time as there are no products available to upgrade your RC car at this time.

The customer service that you receive from RC Wholesales is comparable to other radio controlled toy store websites. There are a variety of contact methods available, including phone and email. The one thing that they do not offer is a live chat option which makes getting an immediate response to your questions rather difficult.

Unlike other RC toy websites, RC Wholesales does not offer a printed catalog nor do they have a mailing list. RC Wholesales does not offer any customer reviews either, but they do have a blog that you can browse through that is all about RC toys. You can also view their RC Car buying guide and videos that can help you get started with purchasing and driving RC cars.

Customer Service

The website is easy enough to search through, but it is not very appealing to look at. Everything is jammed together on the front page. You have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to find anything that you are looking for. For example, help resources are located in a tiny box on the lower right hand side of the page, crowded by other links.

PayPal and all major credit cards are the only two methods of payment that RC Wholesales accepts, but given their popularity, we don’t view this as a problem. What RC Wholesales lacks in payment methods it makes up for with a full selection of shipping services. You can even keep track of items that you have ordered previously through an order history option in the shopping cart.

RC Wholesales offers basic RC toys, cars and trucks. They also offer an RC buggy and the off-roader truggy. Even though their selection is limited, what they do offer is quality.

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