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If you’re looking for PowerPoint Tutorials that are refined and comprehensive, look no further than those of Virtual Training Company (VTC). The cohesion and impressive design of these tutorials make them a clear winner of our approval.


VTC offers 114 tutorials on Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 alone. That equals nine hours of entertaining and educational material to ensure you will be a PowerPoint professional at the end of your training. A monthly online subscription to VTC gives you access to more than 800 courses, including lessons on every version of PowerPoint since 1997. Learn on your own or optimize your subscription with a multi-user plan. On top of the thousands of videos available, new courses are constantly in development. VTC even has a wish list option for you to request tutorials you’d like to see in the future.

When it comes down to it, your personal preferences, such as which features you need and which you could do without, determine which tutorial is best for you. As far as features go, VTC has covered all the bases in their PowerPoint tutorials. In doing so, the VTC software appeals to the majority of users and their unique preferences.

For instance, VTC provides work files to accompany your tutorial instruction and create an interactive learning experience. Work files are modifiable PowerPoint presentations identical to the ones used in the tutorial. You can develop and alter them as the instructor does. This increases your retention of the information you learn because you are immediately applying it.

Closed captioning is another feature useful for retaining tutorial information. Captions are obviously helpful for users with hearing impairments, but they also serve to clarify what the instructor is saying. The VTC instructor for Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 has a thick Australian accent, so captions can also be helpful with users who might have difficulty following along. For an additional reference, the entire transcript of each tutorial is available, even without purchase. If you need to check a lesson for specific content, you can browse the word-for-word transcript or the video itself.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the idea of browsing through 114 tutorials for a single, specific topic. That the lessons are broken down into so many segments actually makes finding what you’re looking for easier. Every major PowerPoint command or function has its own chapter in this tutorial, the titles of which are simple and straightforward. Navigation throughout the tutorials is seamless; you can stop and start the lesson of your choice when and where you want.


These PowerPoint tutorials are available both through VTC Online University and in CD form. The video files play on either QuickTime or Flash. Each video opens up in a new window so as not to disrupt your browsing. If you are a cautious decision maker, don’t fret. VTC offers complete access to the first three chapters of each course. You can watch these samples as many times as you want. Without paying a dime, you can test an extensive sample of this tutorial software to see if the instruction style and content is right for you.

These PowerPoint tutorials are appealing in both content and appearance. The videos are professional looking and clean with clear picture resolution. If you choose a subscription for online access, you will find the layout of the online university pleasing as well. Everything is elegantly formatted and easy to maneuver, with no garish graphics or obnoxious flashing ads.

The instructor guides you easily through the tutorial with both coherent communication and helpful graphic cues. A yellow circle constantly highlights the instructor’s cursor, and when she clicks or selects something, a red circle briefly surrounds the yellow highlighted circle. This makes following along with work files easy and natural.

The videos do not play in sequence automatically. You must select each segment individually. This might seem like a nuisance, but it is actually advantageous in that you can effortlessly hold your place and track your progress. All sections of the course include an outline of the topic covered and individual running time.

The instructor of these PowerPoint tutorials is Helen Bradley, an international computer columnist. She is also the instructor for the VTC Microsoft Word 2010 course and writes other how-to videos and articles in the United States, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.

In her instruction, Bradley uses active voice to address the user directly. This has the effect of keeping you alert and engaged, instead of bored and sleepy, throughout the tutorial. You will feel so involved, almost as if you are learning in a classroom instead of with convenient tutorial videos. Bradley’s language is formal, but not so much that you feel inferior. Instead, you can tell she takes what she is teaching seriously, and you, in turn, do the same.

User Level

The VTC PowerPoint tutorials have a great deal to offer to users with every level of experience. It begins with basic concepts and explanations, traverses through intermediate ideas and combinations of methods and finishes with advanced topics. By the end of the tutorial, you can build full-blown, impressive multimedia presentations.

If you are just beginning to learn PowerPoint, you will be comfortable with the inviting tone and reasonable pace of this tutorial. The first chapter, PowerPoint 2010 Basics, provides an exhaustive rundown of the interface and functions of PowerPoint.


On the other hand, if you are well versed in the ways of PowerPoint presentations and you only need a refresher on the new features of the latest version, this tutorial will serve you well. You can easily find the specific lesson you want to brush up on, or tour the entire tutorial for a comprehensive review.

Of all the PowerPoint tutorials we reviewed, VTC had the most versions available, giving it a clear edge over its competitors. Most importantly, it has 114 lessons on PowerPoint 2010. Not only does it have the latest version, but it also provides training for PowerPoint 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000 and 1997. With a monthly subscription, you have full access to all of these courses. This can be very handy if you use an older version of PowerPoint, or if you want to have a solid understanding of all the versions.

All the vital means of communication are available with VTC, including telephone, email and FAQs. VTC also has on online forum for users to populate with their comments and questions about the tutorials, PowerPoint and others.

You can use the forum if you have general questions. Doing so will allow you to receive multiple answers from people like yourself and other experts. However, if your question is specific and technical, directly contacting customer support is a better option.

Help & Support

Overall, Virtual Training Company has the ideal tutorials for learning PowerPoint. It is complete with six versions of PowerPoint and is perfect for beginners or advanced users. With the option of CD tutorials or online access, these courses are made with a level of flexibility that makes them the best option for the biggest variety of users. The instruction and layout are formal and professional, yet inviting. The immaculate quality and impressive design of these PowerPoint tutorials encourage users to keep working to learn and excel.