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TrainUp.com was once a one-stop solution for PowerPoint tutorials as well as any other course you might need, from business skills to human resources. Unfortunately, these courses are now outdated, with no new versions showing up in the extensive TrainUp.com library.


Navigating the TrainUp.com site is fairly simple. The first thing you need to look for is the link to Online Training. Once you have clicked that link, you can easily search for all available PowerPoint resources. Each webpage on the site has the same search field in the heading. You can also use drop-down menu items to narrow your search.

TrainUp.com offers loads of courses in a variety of ways, such as instructor-led seminars and on-site training. The PowerPoint 2007 Training Seminar is available online, so you can take it at your leisure or whenever it fits into your schedule.

Despite such a large number of tutorials across various fields, TrainUp.com doesn’t provide any samples of their tutorials. A link to demo this tutorial was broken and inconclusive, leading only to a blank webpage. Closed captioning is not available through TrainUp.com online training courses, either. Details on the tutorials are available on the products page. The course runs for 12 months so you have plenty of time to move through it at your own pace.

For a site with so much content, TrainUp.com is very well organized. You are able to sort through the mass of course options with ease and find what you’re looking for, whether it’s a simple rundown tutorial, or a bundle that covers basic, intermediate and advanced information.

The content of the PowerPoint 2007 Training Seminar is broken into three sessions, each with several sections. The first session covers the basics such as what makes an effective presentation, creating initial content and working with lists. The second session is on topics like using existing content, SmartArt diagrams, pictures, and photo albums. The third and final session delves into multimedia and animations, proofing and reviewing as well as presentation preparations.

The instructor of this course is Erin Olsen. The site lists Olsen as an expert, but does not provide any specific accreditation to back up this claim.

This is a comprehensive training platform for all kinds of users. Whatever level of experience you have with multimedia presentations, you can pick from the large pool of tutorials offered by TrainUp.com.

Depending on which course you register for, TrainUp.com covers a variety of PowerPoint versions, from 2000 to 2007. Their neglect to include an updated tutorial for the 2010 version is a major shortcoming.

The TrainUp.com line of customer service consists of telephone, email and online chat support. The email and telephone numbers are both dependable. You can email directly from any webpage focusing on tutorial details to request more information on that course. The online chat function is disappointing as it is always offline, or nonfunctioning when online.

We were impressed with the selection of courses TrainUp.com offers, but when they aren’t updated versions, the effect wears off. This PowerPoint tutorial was a great resource in 2007, but since you can’t even run free trials of this old tutorial, we say its better pass on this outdated program and look at the newer and more recently updated applications.