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PartyPoker, one of the best in the world and one of the world’s most recognized gaming software, is based out of a little territory called Gibraltar and sits at the entrance of the Mediterranean. While this is interesting, PartyPoker got our #3 spot in our poker software review, not for their location, but for their international success. Our favorite feature PartyPoker brings to the table is their poker education system. In between the poker school and the PartyAcademy we are confident that any incoming, or already proficient poker player will find something useful.


PartyPoker has a throng of features which reward people for signing up at PartyPoker and loyal patrons. PartyPoker will match 100% of your first deposit up to $100. While this bonus is not as high as our top rated Poker Software, Full Tilt, it is still a pretty good deal seeing as its just giving you money. PartyPoker also has a rewards system for those players who stick around and play hard. Just for playing with real money you are automatically eligible to earn PartyPoints, and will earn them every time you participate in a hand. All points can be exchanged at the PartyPoints store for PartyPoker merch.

PartyPoker also has a variety of tournaments going on at any given time that are a little more special than the average pay the fee, go in and play tourneys. Some promos, such as the Monthly Million or the Play for an Asian Adventure in Macau, will give you the opportunity to play in big tourneys on behalf of PartyPoker. You can also get $100 credit to your account for every friend you sign up.

However, all of this means very little if you’re a poker player within U.S. boundaries. While you will be able to download PartyPoker and even play it using pay money, you will not be able to make a deposit, play any real money games, or be eligible for any bonuses. This ban on U.S. players was enacted in response to the 2006 signing of the Security and Accountability for Every Port Act which stopped financial institutions from approving transactions made on poker sites.

You’ll find a solid representation of all the popular poker games at PartyPoker, and then some. The expected games such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Seven Card Stud are all available, as well as Blackjack, Bingo and even Backgammon. We particularly like the way PartyPoker breaks down their buy ins. If you’re not playing with fake money, you can either participate in high stakes, low stakes or micro stakes games. These range from $50 blinds to $.01 blinds.

PartyPoker is separated into six main sections: Quick seats, cash games, sit & go’s, tournaments, blackjack, and play money. All of these sections—with the exception of Play Money—require cash to participate. To deposit money you’ll have to visit the online cashier cage which is conveniently located in the program.

What is Available

Once you’ve gotten your money into the system, it’s as easy as picking the game you want to participate in and playing. Easily the most popular game on PartyPoker is Texas Hold’em, with thousands of players from across the world coming together in hopes of out drawing the other. All around we felt the play on any given PartyPoker table was quick and fair. There is always an abundance of open seats to be taken if you’re into play money or cash games. As well, there are always tournaments registering players.

Poker is best learned through trial and error. Articles and videos can only get you so far; however, they’re not a bad place to start. Realizing this, PartyPoker has implemented two awesome features, a poker school and the PartyAcademy. Between these two sources you’ll be on the right track to becoming a great poker player.

The first, the PartyPoker School, is a compilation of articles which will help the beginner better understand the basics of poker. Articles like Basic Poker Rules, Betting Rules, Poker Tips, Buy-ins and Table Stakes can all be found in this section. This is a great resource for the fresh poker player.

Then we have the PartyAcademy. This cool tool offers free poker lessons and quizzes which will help evaluate where you’re at in your poker abilities. You’ll also have access to an extensive library of “Exclusive poker articles, giving you better results on the table,” according to the PartyPoker site. Videos and hand examples are available to give you a visual of what you’ve been learning.

Two of PartyPoker ’s greatest assets are its effortless usability and general attractiveness. Basically, this is a good looking program. It’s not overly flashy like some of the other products we reviewed, but doesn’t lack in visual satisfaction. As well, we really appreciated how easy the software was to navigate around. Some Online Poker Software have so many options in a single area that the central page looks like jambalaya.

PartyPoker clearly labels your options at the top of the page in six different tabs. On the left nav you can also choose from a variety of helpful options. The Cashier option takes you to a secure online site through which you can deposit or withdraw funds. There is also a Support tab that offers suggestions to potential questions. It also offers a phone number through which a PartyPoker representative can be reached.

Poker Education

Although we do not anticipate you’ll need any additional support, PartyPoker offers it if the occasion does arise. 24/7 support is provided by both email and phone, although only in English. There is also an FAQ section, although we did not find it as helpful as our top rated products. As well, the 24/7 support and phone support are not offered to U.S players. If you are from the U.S. you can still email in, but there is no guarantee you’ll be responded to.

PartyPoker is a great Poker Software with an easy-to-use interface, fun features and a great support system. Our favorite features offered through PartyPoker are the Poker Education system and the visually pleasing graphics in the program. The poker school and PartyAcademy were extremely useful and helped us get a better understanding of the different aspects of poker. The academy was especially helpful in that it offered visuals in the form of diagrams and videos.

In the Software

The graphics and general ease-of-use of the program was also great. We had no trouble navigating around the program, and if we did run into trouble we were able to utilize PartyPoker’s good support system. Our only beef with PartyPoker is that it does not offer support or a real money account to U.S. account holders.

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