php editor – PHPEdit Premium

PHPEdit Premium has most of the basic features you would expect to see in a PHP editor. While the syntax highlighter and code validation are useful, they don’t include anything we haven’t seen elsewhere. One of the biggest limitations with this particular PHP development software application is a half-hearted auto-complete and a missing spell-checker. This PHP editor is good for doing the basics but nothing too fancy.


When trying to decide which PHP editor to purchase, among the key features to look at are the mistake prevention and error identification features. While this PHP toolkit has a good collection of such tools, including syntax highlighting, code validation checker and a debugger, it is missing a few elements keeping it from being an amazing PHP editor. One of the features we feel would make this application better is a spell-checker. Nothing is worse than posting your website and realizing you have blatant misspellings peppering your pages. The auto-complete is another feature that we feel could have been improved just a tad. While it does prompt the various codes, it only does so for the first level. If you want to add an attribute you have to type in the whole line of text. We would have liked to see it prompt for the other aspects as well. One of the best features of this application is that is available in other languages, including German, French, Italian and Polish.

This PHP editor wasn’t difficult to use, once we figured out all of the peculiarities. It has a lot of useful tools, including variable layout options, a comprehensive find and replace, bookmarks for keeping track of the various lines of code, and hover support. One of the limitations we found with this PHP software application was how difficult it was to minimize the windows we didn’t want without closing them. Along the edges of the main application window are menus where you can pin various windows. Once the window is open it is tricky trying to minimize the icon again. Other times it minimized when we didn’t want it to. Overall, this PHP editor is one that might be a little awkward to work with in the beginning, but once you familiarize yourself with all the little nuances it shouldn’t be a problem.

This particular PHP editor has some unique help and support options. It comes with a manual which was very helpful when we were trying to learn the particulars of the application. We were also pleased with the options to use an email form or phone number to receive help. However, the forums were a little odd. The posts in the forum are in English but the rest of the page is in French making it a little difficult on occasion to navigate through the options. They also have a training schedule but no information as to when or where the next session will be.

All in all, PHPEdit Premium doesn’t have anything outstanding. It will work fine as a PHP editor but doesn’t have all the frills or features we’ve seen in other PHPs. With all of the other applications available on the market, you might want to look elsewhere if you want to really be stunned speechless.