photo manager software – Proxima Photo Manager 2017

If you’re interested in pure and simple photo manager software that tags, sorts and shares your images, you should check out Proxima Photo Manager 2013. While there are editing and sharing features in this software, at its core, Proxima is all about photo organization and management. The software provides a list of your folders on a panel similar to what you see in your computer’s folder drive, so you have quick access to your files; there’s no importing or waiting for your images to appear. You can import new images via your scanner or camera.


Other photo manager programs try to cram advanced editing, organizing and sorting features into one space. Proxima???s interface is simple and standard for a photo organizer. New images sit in a folder list in the right panel, while you view your images in the middle and select actions on the left panel. The top toolbar is customizable to suit your preferences, which gives you easy access to the tools you use the most.

This photo management software has some useful organization features like duplicate searches and batch tools. If you have a lot of copies of an image with different edits and you want to eliminate the extra files, the duplicate search can thin your photo collection to the essentials. Batch tools can resize, convert, rename and rotate a large group of images at once. For batch renaming, we suggest adding a date first then tags and qualifiers, so your image names look something like 2015.Vacation_Mexico [34]. You can auto-sort your images based on several criteria like location, file size, modified date, and image height or width.

Proxima can create web galleries and slideshows to share your photos. Creating a web gallery only takes a couple of minutes, and the program provides templates and settings to create a web album with your photos. The software provides layouts and a range of thumbnail and full image sizes. Proxima’s slideshows are easy to make because they can start with one mouse click, but that convenience comes at the cost of customization. You can’t choose slide length and music or make other standard adjustments seen in photo manager software. You have to reorder your photos manually to change their order in the slideshow.

Although Proxima is far from an all-purpose photo editor, this program does have balanced editing features. The tools are simple enough for beginners to use but still cover essential adjustments pros want. There’s no content-aware removal or cosmetic editing available in Proxima. Within the editing tab, you can adjust exposure, color balance, hue, saturation, white balance and correct red eye. To get a closer look at your image, you can click and drag a box around an area to zoom in. You can also sharpen or smooth your image, as well as play with grayscale and inverted colors. In addition, there are several tools to remove noise in low-light images.

Proxima is all about organization and photo management. You won’t find too many extra features in this program, but if you want a streamlined photo manager software, this may be a good choice. Sorting features include batch tools, duplicate searches and tagging to find photos easily. Images import quickly and directly into the program as well. While it lacks pizazz in the sharing and editing categories, Proxima accomplishes most management tasks.