pepper spray – Sabra Defense Spray 2017

Sabre is a leading brand among self-defense pepper sprays, and its Defense Spray is its flagship product. This OC pepper spray is Sabre’s patented three-in-one formula, which contains pepper spray, tear gas and UV marking dye. This potent mix of chemicals delivers the maximum effect on any potential attacker.

While pepper spray is a known eye, skin and throat irritant, the tear gas included in this solution can further heighten those effects. The gas irritates the membranes in the eyes, nose and mouth, which in turn can cause extreme coughing and tearing of the eyes. The UV dye is also an important component of this pepper spray; it stains skin so law enforcement can immediately identify an assailant.

Every unit of Sabre Defense Spray comes with an extra practice canister. This allows you to become more familiar with how to deploy the spray and helps you become comfortable doing so. If you have never used pepper spray before, it is highly likely that you will not do so properly under stressful and potentially dangerous circumstances. Depending on your needs, you can select from key chain, key ring and holster canisters. Sabre even offers different color choices for each unit of OC spray.

This self-defense product is known as one of the best pepper spray solutions available because of its notably long shelf life of four years. This is much longer than many competing pepper sprays. It also delivers a ballistic stream, which means the spray fires in a strong, straight line to help prevent blowback exposure.

Aside from its long shelf life, Sabre Defense Spray is a great value compared to other self-defense pepper sprays because it is similarly priced but delivers more usage. For instance, you can expect to get approximately 25 sprays out of a half-ounce canister, whereas many comparable products give you just 10 sprays per half ounce.

Sabre is arguably the most reputable manufacturer of pepper spray. Whether you are an avid runner, college student living on your own or simply want protection on the go, Sabre Defense Spray can help protect you from multiple threats.