paper shredders – Destroyit, 2017

The Destroyit 2360SMC is a high-end machine that helps prevent identify theft and the sharing of sensitive information by shredding documents quickly and efficiently. It contains many features for use in office settings, businesses or agencies that have a need to protect information on a regular basis.

The powerful motor is capable of cutting five to seven sheets in a single pass at a speed of 14 feet per minute. It uses a super micro-cut mode that shreds papers into 1/32 x 3/16-inch pieces, reducing the possibility of piecing documents back together. The document shredder offers a P-6 level of security and is HIPAA/FACTA compliant. It also meets NSA/CSS specifications and is DOD approved.

The Destroyit High-Security Shredder contains a single-phase motor with an automatic reverse and power-cut off feature that helps prevent paper jams. It features back-lit symbols that light up in different colors to indicate the machine’s status. With a feed opening of 9.5 inches, it accommodates documents of different sizes. Since the shredder bags are reusable, it’s also an eco-friendly option. It also features casters that allow you to move it around as needed.

The hardened steel blades on this paper shredder cut through different types of paper in seconds; however they resist soft metals. It quietly operates at a sound level of 54 decibels without paper and 68 decibels with paper. The energy saving mode protects against overheating and shuts the machine down after one hour of inactivity. This document shredder has a 30-minute runtime before it requires a cool-down period of 10 to 15 minutes between uses.

Due to the powerful motor and sharp blades, this paper shredder has a safety system that includes an electronically controlled safety shield on the feed opening to prevent accidents if a hand touches the opening. It also has a stop feature controlled by a photocell. The Destroyit 2360SMC shuts down automatically when the shred bag is full or the cabinet door opens. The bin holds up to 13 gallons of shredded paper, which eliminates frequent emptying. It removes easily for quick disposal of the refuse.

Designed for government agencies and other situations where protecting classified information is essential, it eliminates the need for an outside shredding service. It works quietly and has several safety features that reduce energy needs and the risk of injury. While it only shreds five to seven papers in a single pass and doesn’t accept other media types, it does offer a high level of security with its P-6 rating.