paper shredders – Aurora Paper Shredder 2017 – Top Tens

This paper shredder has a powerful motor that’s capable of cutting up to 10 sheets of paper at a time. Its micro-cut blades cut documents, CDs, DVDs and credit cards into 5/32 x 15/32-inch pieces for a P-4 security rating on the DNI scale. This prevents others from piecing your sensitive or classified information back together. There’s also no need to remove staples or paper clips from your documents; the shredder cuts through them easily.

Several features increase its safety, including a feature that immediately powers the machine down in the event of a forced entry. Additionally, if the machine overloads or starts to overheat, the auto-off feature kicks in and powers it off. This document shredder has a continuous runtime of up to 12 minutes at its full capacity before it requires a cool-down period.

There are several indicator lights on the top of this paper shredder that indicate its status. You’re immediately alerted when the door is open, the bin is full and if it???s overloaded or overheated. It is ultra-quiet, even when in operation mode and features an automatic energy-saving feature. After five minutes of inactivity, it powers off automatically. Additionally, this document shredder has jam-free technology that prevents it from operating when it’s over capacity.

The Aurora AU1000MA has a 5-gallon waste bin capacity that holds up to 320 sheets of shredded paper. It has a peek-through window that shows you how full it is and pulls out for easy disposal of its contents. Rolling casters make it easy to move between rooms or offices. The machine itself has a one-year warranty, while the cutter has a five-year warranty.

Overall, the Aurora AU1000MA offers several notable functions that make it a worthy investment for the home or small office. Its security level falls in the middle of the DNI scale, and it’s able to handle up to 10 sheets in a single pass. However, it only operates for 12 minutes continuously, so it’s probably not a good fit for busy offices that do a lot of shredding.