outdoor speaker – Yamaha NS-AW570

The Yamaha NS-AW570 is a set of wall-mountable outdoor speakers that is perfect for your backyard or patio. You won’t have to crack open your window and crank up your surround sound system to get quality sound outside. These are capable of producing audio that will spread across your yard instead of getting lost in the open air. In addition, the all-weather design of the NS-AW570 means that it can endure the elements. It is because of the high-quality audio reproduction and the durable design that we found this to be the best outdoor speaker set we reviewed and earns our approval.


The most noticeable feature of the Yamaha NS-AW570 is the dual-tweeter system. The tweeter is the smaller driver which produces the high frequencies. While some loudspeakers use multiple woofers, most audio configurations only use one tweeter. Using two tweeters allows for a better frequency range and reduces interference with the sound waves of the woofer. Each one of these 1-inch PEI dome tweeters is capable of producing great sound on their own, so their combined effort is quite impressive.

The woofer of this outdoor speaker is also quite impressive. At 6.5 inches, it is one of the largest low-range drivers in our review. Generally speaking, a larger loudspeaker can produce more sound. That is because it is able to move more air and create larger sound waves. A woofer needs to be made of material that is stiff, yet lightweight in order to operate efficiently. This woofer is made of high-compliance mica-filled polypropylene. This lightweight construction should give it the rigidity that it needs to quickly vibrate and compress the air.

A pair of 5-way binding-post speaker terminals connect this outdoor speaker to the power source. Power handling is a measurement that tells the minimum and the maximum amount of power a loudspeaker can handle. For the NS-AW570, anything below 40 watts may not give acceptable sound. It can handle 120 watts of input for an extended period of time, but anything above 120 watts may cause permanent damage to the driver.

These all-weather outdoor speakers are resistant to water, but it is helpful to mount them with a slight downward tilt to make sure water doesn’t pool in the loudspeaker. They come with adjustable mounting brackets, so you can easily mount them on the side of your home and adjust them for the best sound coverage. When attaching them to your home, remember that you will get greater sound projection if you place the speakers high. Ten feet off the ground or less is the ideal height.

This unit has a white finish, but the cabinet and grille can be painted in order to better match the colors of your home. A protective cover is also included to help reduce the amount of sun and rain this outdoor speaker system has to endure. As mentioned before, this system is resistant to water, but it is wise to limit the amount of exposure it has to the elements to prolong the life of the loudspeakers.


Each Yamaha NS-AW570 outdoor speaker measures 10.3 inches high, 7.4 inches wide and 8.8 inches deep. This is one of the more compact designs we found in our review. Plus, each unit only weighs 5.1 pounds. Though this is lightweight, it is still a good idea to mount your outdoor speakers to solid wood or stone. Aluminum siding, for example, may not effectively support the weight of this product.

The magnetically shielded drivers can produce an impressive range of sound. The average human ear can hear frequencies from 20Hz to 20kHz. This outdoor speaker system has a frequency response of 60Hz to 30kHz. Since it doesn’t use a subwoofer, the NS-AW570 can’t play the low range of bass tones, but 60Hz is still low enough to provide good bass for an outdoor setting. Placing the units next to a wall will help amplify the bass, as well, giving the audio a full, rich sound.

The dual-tweeter system helps the NS-AW570 reach one of the highest frequency ranges we found in our review of outdoor speakers. 30kHz is well above the range of human hearing, but that means that it will be able to play the supersonic tones included in some audio to enrich the sound. Frequencies above 20kHz also contain harmonics, which affect the way we perceive the sound.

Nominal impedance measures how resistant the voice coil of the loudspeaker is to the electric current supplied by the audio source. This Yamaha outdoor speaker has an impedance rating of 6 ohms. Make sure that the amplifier you connect this product to is also rated at 6 ohms, so that you don’t overload the coil.

The sensitivity rating measures how effectively an audio device can covert power into sound. Higher sensitivity levels mean that a product requires less power to play at high volumes. Products with a low sensitivity also tend to play a static or buzzing sound in the background of the music when the volume is turned up. The Yamaha NS-AW570 has a sensitivity of 87dB. This is not the highest sensitivity ranking that we found in our outdoor speaker review, but it still should be able to play at high volumes without draining too much power or distorting.

The Yamaha NS-AW570 is covered by a 2-year warranty, which is not as long as other models we found in our review. This warranty will cover any defective parts or mechanical malfunctions that occur during normal use. It does not, however, cover any damage caused by accident, abuse or neglect. The owner is also responsible for shipping charges if the product must be shipped for servicing.


The manual for the NS-AW570 is not available on Yamaha’s website. This is unusual, because every other Yamaha outdoor speaker model in this review did have an online manual. It is unclear why the manual for the NS-AW570 is missing. The site does have a FAQs page, but it is mostly general questions and it is difficult to navigate. If you have a question about the product, you should contact customer service directly. Yamaha customer support can be contacted by telephone or by email. No online chat is offered.

Aside from the limited customer support and low sensitivity rating, the Yamaha NS-AW570 is still the best outdoor speaker set we reviewed. The dual-tweeter system enables this model to play a wide range of frequencies at high volumes without distortion. It is also compact and lightweight so you can mount them on the exterior of your home without too much trouble. This outdoor speaker set is sure to impress when you’re playing music at your next patio party.

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