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Hallmark has been the leader in greeting card sales for decades. But the cardstock giant has moved into the digital age deftly, offering services such as wedding invitations, Save the Date cards and matching “Thank you” cards, all of which you can be ordered from the comfort of home. The greeting card company is the most convenient way to search for, design and send your online wedding invitations. With a corporate reputation to protect, the company has a strong customer service record. The web interface for designing cards is polished and professional, but the wedding section can be hard to find because the site offers so many other products.


Among those products is a free online address book where you can save birthday information and addresses of your friends and family. For even more convenience, you can pay that service to address and send the online wedding invitations of your choice.

With, you can quickly customize your wedding invitation template by adding text such as the names of the bride and groom and the time and location of the ceremony. You can add photos and text to both sides of your invitations for savings on paper costs. However, you can’t add photos to all wedding invitation templates. Other customization options include do-it-yourself kits, multiple fonts to choose from and clip art images.

When you find the design suite online, you can change the verse that appears on your card by choosing wording from Hallmark’s Message Library. That library has hundreds of great ideas for greeting cards in general, but only four specifically for wedding invitation templates. If none of the suggested verses are a good fit for your wedding, you can type your own wording directly onto the online wedding invitation template.

The strength of Hallmark’s online wedding invitation service is visible in the card designs themselves. A total of 53 choices are available, including traditional luxury styles, bookmark- shaped cards, photo cards and patriotic invitations featuring stars and stripes. All the options are well-designed and artistic; they were created by professionals.

Fancy cards wrapped in ribbon and invitations with multiple layers are missing from Hallmark’s selection, and you can’t choose your cardstock or order a custom design for your wedding invitations.

Templates has many wonderful options for wedding stationery such as RSVP cards and “Thank You” notes that match your wedding invitation template. The company is the only one we found that also offers paper plates matched to your invitations and personalized with your photo. However, the online wedding invitation service is missing important products such as magnetic cards and free samples and proofs. Instead, you must review a digital proof yourself before ordering.

Hallmark’s customization tools are easy to use and intuitive. You can edit texts within the displayed template very quickly compared to other online wedding invitation services. You can also change the font and font size of your lettering within templates. However, the personalization suite is hard to find among the hundreds of other Hallmark products on their website, such as birthday cards or sympathy cards. Once you find the right section and choose a wedding invitation template, you can easily type in your wedding information. Be aware, though, that you won’t be able to alter the position of clip art and or text boxes.

Another potential road block for Hallmark’s online wedding invitation business is confusion between congratulatory cards and invitations. We noticed both in the wedding invitation template list.

You can call or email the business and track your orders easily, but the site does not offer a live chat feature like most of its competitors. is a great all-around paper products distributor, one that has useful services such as uploading guest addresses and adding clip art. The company’s foray into the paperless invitation market is also notable. However, the number of wording and template options it offers are miniscule in comparison to those offered by competing websites.


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