online tutoring – TutorNext 2017

Online tutoring can be a huge benefit to students struggling with school or just looking to improve their grades. TutorNext’s prices, features, curriculum and customer service make it convenient for students of any subject. TutorNext offers 24/7 online tutoring services from qualified tutors for grades K-12.


All of TutorNext’s tutors have a degree in their area of specialization. They also undergo extensive screening and training to become certified tutors.

TutorNext does not offer much homework help when it comes to history, English or literature subjects. It does offer a large extensive selection of help materials for math and science subjects. It also offers excellent SAT/ACT test prep.

There is a whiteboard feature so that students and tutors can work on the same problem simultaneously and visually convey their questions and solutions. Voice chat is also available and can help with students who prefer auditory learning.

TutorNext offers several different pricing plans, so you can pick one that will fit your budget and will best benefit your student. Pricing plans are a great way to get the best service for the price that works for you.

TutorNext is dedicated to protecting your personal information. There is a very detailed privacy policy on the website. It is important to read the procedures and policies to make sure you are comfortable with them.

This online tutoring company provides customer assistance by phone and email help. There is no blog, which usually would feature articles to help students enhance their learning. Blogs are a nice, easygoing way to share facts about education, and it would be preferable if TutorNext had one. There is a FAQs section that answers simple questions with detailed answers.

TutorNext provides a good, basic service with prices that are comparable to most of the best online tutoring services. This company enlists the help of a virtual learning space that features an interactive whiteboard and chat messaging. TutorNext lacks some features we look for, such as parent resources. We would have liked to see English and history on the curriculum, but this service still provides excellent online tutoring help with many other subjects.