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No student likes doing homework. Anyone would rather be out riding bikes, hanging with friends or playing video games. Just about anything is going to sound more appealing than homework. But homework doesn’t have to be a chore.’s online tutoring services make finding homework help and doing homework much less daunting.

Summary’s online tutoring website allows parents to select the pricing plan that will best fit their child’s needs. You select a plan based on the number of hours a month you think your child will spend with a tutor. If you use the site for two hours per month for six months, guarantees at least half a letter grade improvement, or you receive your money back. There offer special programs for military families as well.

You will only work with qualified tutors who have been screened by to ensure that you’re getting the best possible help. You can easily read testimonials from others who have used the service and are highly pleased with the tutors and help they offer. All tutoring sessions are one-on-one tutoring sessions that give your child personalized help. offers 24/7 online tutoring, so it’s easy for you or your child to log in and get help whenever it’s most convenient. You don’t have to fit your schedule around the website’s hours of operation. For students with super-busy lives, this is extremely helpful. You can also set up scheduled sessions to help make study time even more structured. The one-on-one tutor sessions mean students will get undivided attention for the issues they are struggling most with.

There is a whiteboard feature that students and tutors can use to figure out certain kinds of problems together. Both the student and the teacher see the whiteboard at the same time, so communication is easy and instant. There is also the option to use voice chat, so that the student can hear the tutor and vice versa. During whiteboard sessions, an instant messaging chat option is available if students opt out of the voice chat. There is no video chat option, but the available account tools make it easy for students to learn online.

With the secure site, you can be sure that your information is safe. promises they will not sell your personal information to anyone or send you newsletters or promotional mail if you don’t want it. One of the most important things to look for in an online tutoring site is confidentiality. Everything about your account stays private with this company, from the help requested to the account information.

This company offers help for all grades K-12. So parents with children in multiple grade levels can benefit from the range of services. One of those benefits is the student’s ability to prepare for the SAT/ACT using this site. Not only will they receive the needed information, but they can also take a practice test to determine their knowledge range and determine areas they should focus on in their test prep. also offers study support for all AP tests.

Help and support in an online tutoring service is extremely important. You need to be able to have your questions answered and your concerns addressed immediately, so that nothing hinders your child from getting the best help possible. The website gives you a few different ways to speak to a customer service representative. You can use the phone numbers available on the site to give the company a call, or you can email them if you prefer.

You can also take a look at the FAQs section on the website, which should help answer your questions that are often asked about online tutoring with There is also a blog, which allows you to learn valuable things about the company without having to contact a representative at all.

Overall, online tutoring is extremely competitive when compared with other online tutoring service s, and it is one of the better online tutoring companies available today. With a whiteboard for studying sessions and AP course help, your child can get homework help and succeed. With pricing plan options, this company makes it easy to find something that suits your budget and needs. is a solid choice for anyone who wants to help their child understand a topic, get simple homework help, or improve his grades.