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eTutorWorld offers online tutoring services primarily for math and science subjects. There are a variety of pricing plans. Prices vary depending on how many lessons a student would like over a three-month period. If you aren’t satisfied with any lesson, eTutorWorld will provide a money back guarantee within the first 30 days of purchase.


All tutors have a college degree in their subject and have experience teaching in a classroom. Each teacher is carefully selected based on a rigorous eTutorWorld evaluation. The tutors are trained in all state and federal curricula to make sure your student has the best chance of getting help pertinent to their individual schoolwork. Also, eTutorWorld offers one-on-one online tutoring, so students have a better, more customized learning experience. Teachers are not available 24/7. You will have to schedule an appointment with a tutor of your choosing.

A whiteboard feature is available that lets students and tutors work on problems together. There is a voice option and a chat option, so students can hear and read the tutor’s explanations. eTutorWorld offers free downloadable worksheets for students, so they can get extra practice on subjects they’re struggling with. The service does offer accommodations for hearing and vision impaired students.

eTutorWorld encourages parents to be involved and monitor interactions. There is a lot of information on the website directed towards parents. eTutorWorld guarantees a safe learning environment. All sessions are recorded and are available for students and parent review. eTutorWorld online tutoring uses a Secure Socket Level encryption, which means that the personal information you enter will be encrypted for safety purposes.

eTutorWorld tutors specialize in math and sciences, but they do offer some English help, as well as AP and ACT/SAT support. However, you won’t find any help in social studies or additional languages.

eTutorWorld offers customer support via email and phone. You can find additional information on their blog. The blog features articles about education and effective ways to help the learning process. You can also find testimonials of previous users on how well eTutorWorld worked for them. Customer service is important when it comes to online tutoring services, and eTutorWorld offers plenty of outlets.

eTutorWorld offers excellent math and science help for all grades, along with AP and SAT/ACT test prep. One-on-one, live tutoring sessions with an expert teacher means your student will get a quality learning experience. You can schedule multiple lessons at a time, and if you are unsatisfied with the tutoring you get, this homework helper will give your money back. If you are looking for math and science help, eTutorWorld is worth considering.